A Life Saver's Surprise Wedding Dance

Did you know that a simple swab of your cheek could result in saving a total stranger’s life through the  National Bone Marrow Registry?Here is our story:...more

I Donated Bone Marrow to a Stranger

Last month, I donated bone marrow to a stranger with a life-threatening disease. It has been an experience with pain, suspense, and hope. Ultimately, it’s about saving a life, and I hope that by sharing my story, others will be encouraged to register to be a donor and additional lives can be saved. ...more
I registered several years ago during a special effort. I don't want to say I hope someone is ...more

Someone Needs Your Help - Now!


What do you know about bone marrow donation? Educate yourself, win eco-prizes, save a little girl's life!

I was sent a story about a little girl. A little 10 month old baby girl that was given a devastating blow. A devastating diagnosis that would require a bone marrow transplant from a stranger in order to survive.Kate Boggan...more