Real Talk: Your Period, Birth Control and Your Bones

Did you know that there are more than 50 different kinds of birth control pills, and even more methods of birth control? So many options, so many factors to consider! But, along with all the different side effects of birth control, many women rarely consider the nutritional consequences of the various methods. Unfortunately, depending on the method, there may be bone health consequences (decreased bone density can lead to osteoporosis and fractures later in life), weight effects, or medication interactions....more

Going Gaga Over the New Series “THE FINDER”

From the first time we saw the cast of “The Finder” debut on one of our favorite shows, “Bones,” we just knew we would be seeing them on their own series soon. And indeed we have. And now that we’ve started watching season one, weekly episodes, we just can’t get enough of them!The actors have been well cast; they have believable characters, full of energy and great chemistry, and, well, I can’t help falling in-love with them. And I just can’t wait for the next episode to air; and that is just how addictive the show has become....more
@cookingwithkary I will be keeping my eyeballs peeled for your next blog then. Thank you!more

Homes from your Favorite Fall TV Shows

Get those DVRs ready because it is time to gear up for fall TV!  Being reunited with characters we love (and those we love to hate) after a long, dry summer of reruns makes us welcome fall with outstretched, remote control-holding arms.But if you're like me, you find fall TV set interiors are as captivating as the characters themselves. So whether you’re glamorous like Lilly van der Woodsen or unabashedly geeky like Sheldon Cooper, you can find inspiration for your own home from your favorite fall TV shows. No need to hit pause...we did the work for you!...more
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Dinner Fail!

See My Ratings for These TV Shows- What's Yours?

  Perfect Couples.  *** A comedy about 3 couples living life together. You will most likely find you and your partner somewhere in this hodge podge of friends. Somewhat funny but not hilarious.  How do you rate this TV show? Harry's Law....more

Get Back on Your Feet Now

If you have had the winter blues or blahs or just haven't been moving enough lately, it's time to get going. Spring is a robin's eyelash away and if you get moving you will feel better and be better able to move. Walking is a joint friendly exercise that beginners of any age can do. It strengthens your heart and helps reduce the effects of depression. Studies have shown walking reduces the risks of colon and breast cancers. It improves your cognitive function and is wonderful for your infrastructure ('dem bones). ...more

wrapping up for the evening...patchwork jeans and talismans

Mr. Micah and I watched an episode of Bones and did exercises. It felt really good after being at work all day. I think I spend about 20 minutes (1/2 episode) stretching. Just some simple moves based off yoga. Whenever I remember to do them, they make me feel so good! Things flow better, muscles relax. ...more