My Dream U2 Weekend In Chicago

  Did you ever think about how you would react if you ever came face to face with the person or persons you have admired for so long? The first U2 concert I went to was during  the Zoo TV tour. I was transformed that night by the spectacle of this multi media show. I really liked the music before, but seeing Bono work the audience that night was mind blowing....more

Why Do You Work For Free?

Drowning is not a little issue. It is a global public health epidemic and we need to treat it like one. I know of only 5 organizations in the field that have a decent balance sheet – and their primary purpose isn’t even drowning prevention. Where is our Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation? Our World Wildlife Fund?...more

Ashton Kutcher Versus the Village Voice: Why Numbers and Language Matter in Social Causes

Last week closed with a violent feud between the Village Voice and Ashton Kutcher, who has joined the ranks of celebrity philanthropists. The Voice, which has been under attack for continuing to allow users to post ads advertising adult services, pointed out in their cover story last week that the numbers Kutcher uses to rally support for his foundation are grossly exaggerated, leading the star to retaliate by contacting its advertisers on Twitter accusing the publication of being a "Digital Brothel." It got ugly, but the Voice raised a good point. Here's a closer look. ...more
Thank you for the insight. I just wrote a little bit about Ashton Kutcher catching flack for his ...more

Rich Folks: The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful?

I don’t know of a single girl who saw that mountain of a rock on Kim Kardashian’s ring finger and didn’t think, “I wish I was her.”...more

Theater Review: Spider-Man - Turn off The Dark

It’s finally opened. And no, it’s not as good or as bad as everyone says it is. The infamous musical Spider-Man – Turn Off the Dark has officially opened on Broadway after 183 previews, two directors and numerous news items regarding the problem-plagued production.I did not see the original production, although some critics chose to purchase tickets and publish reviews of it. I do not have any basis of comparison for this review but, having watched the official Broadway opening, I can say this – it’s not a good show....more

Daily doodle: Be part of the cure on World AIDS Day 2010

Approximately 2.6 million people each year become infected with HIV worldwide. 56,000 become infected each year in the U.S. World AIDS Day 2010 was this week and this is the perfect time to be part of the cure. ...more

Do They Know It's Christmas Time Yet? Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Band Aid

We've become accustomed to celebrity charitable endorsements, but let me transport you back to a simpler time long ago, exactly 25-years ago in the magical, shiny 1980s, when it was rare to see contemporary famous icons stepping forward to align themselves with a cause.  What's more, a group of disparate performers uniting to create an original song to raise awareness and funds for a new charity?  It had never been done until Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and a star-studded entourage formed the ad hoc Band Aid and released "Do They Know It's Christmas" in 1984. ...more

I always figured the Ethiopian Jews didn't know it was Christmas time due to ...more

Chevrolet Supports the Maria Shriver WeEmpower Women's Conference

An estimated 14,000 women gathered at the nonprofit, nonpartisan conference held in the Long Beach Arena in Southern California yesterday. The event, which began 22 years ago as a government initiative for female small business owners and working professionals, has grown into the largest woman's forum of its kind in the United States. ...more

More waste, corruption and lack of logic on the NGO scene in Ghana

Lately I’ve been in touch with various players in the fields of Aid and development for Africa. Time and time again I am faced with overly positive, self assured people who are confident that they are doing their part to end poverty, or AIDs, or malaria, or even traffic injuries in children in Africa. They dedicate their time and positive energy to a fault. They believe in and trust the organizations that work in these countries to carry out the good work for the right reasons, to a positive end. ...more

Giving Back - The volunteers descend on Ghana

That time of year is upon us again in Ghana – the time where every international flight that arrives, pours out scores of the bright and bushytailed, the hopeful and positive, the naïve and trusting… they are… THE VOLUNTEERS. Most of them come for the summer, some come to build a school and leave, some come for 6 months or even 2 year contracts. I hear that some of them pay thousands of hard earned or raised money to come and volunteer. ...more

Back when I was a volunteer, we did not even consider looking into the issues in our own ...more