Better Boobs for Less Than $50!

What do they say?  "Change your wife, change your life?"  No...wait....All I know is after 3 kids, my boobs looked like two depleted balloons surviving twenty rounds of Kid Party Water Balloon Toss; uneven, saggy and in desperate need of help.Hello Victoria Secret!Now, I have to be very careful when I wear the bra that makes my boobs two sizes bigger!   Or the following may occur:...more
Very true...saved yourself some $ and no pain :) Nicely said! Fiona www.brayola.commore

Learning how to kiss.

I daydreamed that I would teach my daughter how to kiss. No, not in some creepy kind of way but as in I’m the cool hip mom. Hoping that we would have this semiotic, close relationship like on Gilmore Girls. Who knows? Maybe we will. Right now she still craps her pants several times a day so I’m working on that first. ...more