21 books that I read in 2015!

All thanks to my neighborhood book club meets and Goodreads Reading Challenge that I had signed up for in 2015, I was able to complete reading 21 books!! Yay!This post is an entry for Indiblogger’s Indispire “Books I read in 2015” Challenge View here for entire list ...more


Dangerous voices, Rae Carson

In the midst of all insanity I love taking time to immerse myself into the fictional world of stories. I love books, and I love reading. There is nothing in this world that gives me more peace, and joy than a good story does, especial when I can feel the paper of the book, when I can look at it's cover, smell the fresh printed sheets, and feel the weight in my hands....more

The Book that Changed Me

The Book that Changed MePOSTED ON AUGUST 21, 2014...more

A Spoiler Free Excerpt from my novel, Wild Hunt

Hey all.  I figure I’ll do something that was suggested to me by one of my facebook friends, who happens to also run a successful marketing business.  (Not a pyramid scheme but he advertises for other people.  He runs http://marketingninjas.com/ )  ...more

10 St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books for Your Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. Here are 10 terrific St. Patrick’s Day books your kids are sure to love. ...more
I went digging and found two of them. I know we have ONE MORE, but I can't find it. :(more

Two Heart-Warming Books for a Snowy Day

With half of the country covered in snow, it seemed appropriate to highlight two lovable books about that fabulous fluffy stuff.The Snow Globe Family by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by S.D....more