Excerpt From My Upcoming Novel

Dorie’s pain seared again. “Motherfucker,” she shouted. The epidural hadn’t kicked in yet. The fluorescence of the labor room, if you could call it that—it was more of a windowless closet with a bathroom –made her head pound.The nurse came in, checked the baby’s heartbeat. The machine bleeped.“Can you turn off the lights?” Dorie said. “It’s too fucking bright.”“Sure,” the nurse said and adjusted the dimmer. She pressed Dorie’s wrist for her pulse. “You’re heart-rate is highly elevated, have you been taking any medications?”...more

An excerpt from my e-book Becoming: The Essential Guide for the Traditional Beauty

Excerpt from Becoming:Believe in the Power of Your Unique BeautyIn order for you to begin manifesting your truest beauty we need to first expose some of those limiting beliefs you may hold about yourself.  These beliefs almost never begin within but are impressed on you from outside forces....more

When Mom is mostly gone

Below is a potential excerpt of my memoir-in-progress.  The Present title is Labor Pains: Breaking Generational Patterns by Healing Maternal Wounds....more

Something for the weekend - WIP excerpt

Hello readers, how are you all doing? I'm doing great. I've been busy, writing book 3 of Men of Valor series titled His Princess, working on editing book 2, His Strength, and of course preparing the PR for the release of book 1, His Treasure. It's only a few more days to 2 December. I can't wait. :o)...more

Book release date

Welcome back to ThrustyTM Thursday. This week I’m happy to announce the release date for my first book. It is a historical romance novella titled His Treasure and set in pre-colonial West Africa. The release date is 2 December 2011. Yay!Can you tell I’m excited? LOL.It’ll be out just in time for Christmas, so now you know what’s going on your list, right? Mark the date....more

Coming Home

This week on Romantic Friday Writers, the theme is Coming Home. My contribution is a new story that came to me last night.Tonye Hume, the prodigal son, returns to his childhood home in Port Harcourt, Nigeria for the first time in fifteen years. In his case, he is back successful and wealthy. And his father is dead. Yet, his return awakens so much from his past that he’s kept buried – secrets, betrayal and pain....more

Divorce: a Halloween Horror Tale

 I love Halloween. When my kids were younger, one of the thrills of living right off Caledonia Street in Sausalito, California, was that you were at Ground Zero for the town's trick or treat chicanery. The evening would start with a parade of li'l ghosts, goblins and costumes-du-jour, a costume judging contest, and then a promenade through the grid of streets that flank Caledonia Street before snaking up into the hills of Sausalito's weather-blessed banana belt....more