Spiritual Marketing for Writers

There are now endless marketing tips and tools available to everyone with every kind of budget. It has gotten much harder to know when to stay strong and push on through a marketing plan that’s not quite working and when to let go and see what happens. It’s a blessing and a curse for a writer....more

How to Use Google+ for Book Promotion

I’m a huge Google+ fan and have been since earlier this year. I’ll admit to being late at the party, but once I discovered the power of Google+ Hangouts, I was a convert.I’ll admit to having opened a Google+ account a year ago, but I really wasn’t doing much and quite frankly found Google+ to be another painful social media site I was forced to manage to increase my visibility....more

How To Create A Better Converting Author's Website for Your Book

An author’s website or page is ESSENTIAL     if you want to drive more sales to your non-fiction book and if you want to position yourself as being “media ready”!The prices vary when it comes to getting an author page created by a webmaster, but there are key elements that MUST be present in order to make that page work for you.There are many ways of creating an effective author page, but the best way to do it is to use the same powerful lead attraction strategies Internet marketers have been using for years!...more

Will Starting a Blog Help You Sell Your Book? Or Doom It?

Many authors will create blogs to support the launch of their new books, a decision that can be either savvy marketing or a clumsy waste of time—do you know what makes the difference? Should you start a blog to promote your book? And if so, how? ...more
You've made a really good point there.  I've been blogging about reading and writing for the ...more

How To Get Published, Part 10: Be Your Own Publicist

Books work with the same thought. If you cold-call the reader, for example, just setting it on the table in the bookstore and hope they pick it up, 99 times out of 100, they will walk on by without glancing at it unless it has a remarkable cover or title. But if you saw reviews and ads and met the writer in passing at a conference, chances are, when you bump into that book down the road, you'll be more likely to give it a try. Therefore, the marketing wheels need to be turning early-on in order to catch the crowds right at the book's release. ...more

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7 Nonfiction Book Marketing Traps to Avoid

The year I won the San Francisco Writer’s Conference pitch conference, I had just gained some really valuable information in a morning session. (I mentioned this in an earlier WNFiN post.)  The session was taught by writing-career-coach Teresa LeYung Ryan and public relations/marketing consultant Elisa Southard....more

Bookstore moments yield wisdom for authors

A couple days ago I finished up an interview and dropped by a bookstore on my way home. I’ve been visiting bookstores in a purely clinical way lately. Rather than wandering around mindlessly and coming out with a bag of books, I’ve been studying the way books are arranged in stores and especially the way they’re categorized. Either way, I still come out with a bag of books. When I visit stores I talk to people. I’m in the process of formatting my nonfiction manuscript, and this time, I’m doing my homework ahead of time. ...more