Meeping Meep of a Meep

Gloom!Despair!And agony on me!Agent rejection; excessive misery!Those of you old enough and trashy enough to remember HeeHaw now have the song stuck in your heads. You’re welcome....more

What Can You Learn from Blog-to-Book Authors?

Despite what some people might say, the blog to book trend continues to have a hold on the publishing industry. Successful blogs still provide acquisition editors with the closest thing they can find to a successfully test marketed book--or a sure bet.Bloggers are getting discovered and landing book deals while aspiring authors are still struggling to get noticed by agents and publishers. What do all those blog-to-book authors know that some other authors don't?For starters, they know how to produce a successful blog. That's right. They know how to blog....more

How to Blog a Prescriptive Nonfiction Book

Most of the books I edit or coach people to write fall into the prescriptive nonfiction category. This means they offer guidance or direction on a particular topic. They might provide 10 steps for better sex, or 8 ways to better parenting or a guide to getting published, for example. The authors might be experts—or have interviewed experts—on how to lose weight, build a better solar home or get more business leads, for instance. If you can think of a topic, passion or interest, someone is an expert on it....more

Cost of Writing: Priceless

Northern Goldsmiths, Blackett Street, Newcastle, EnglandI’m back at my desk before 9:30 on a cloudy Wednesday morning in July. I have my large pot of Starbuck bold brew and I’m ready to get back to work. However, I’m at the blog, typing this out instead of re-reading what I should have been working on in June. Why? It’s what I do....more

How to Use Your Blog to Write Your Memoir

Many writers would like to blog a memoir. It’s not that different than blogging a novel, which I wrote about in a recent post, except, of course, you are blogging or writing about your own experiences. That makes your book as work of nonfiction rather than fiction. That said, it must read like fiction to a great extent....more

Free eBook Available for Download!

I’ve finally gotten my act together and my eBook is complete and available for download. If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list yet and would like a copy of the eBook, you can do so here:

From Blog to "Book of the Year": Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

The blog project I co-edit just published our first book, Thinking Person's Guide to Autism. The reviews are fantastic: "Geek Syndrome" journalist Steve Silberman named it his Book of the Year, author Dr....more
@Dr.Ann Thanks so much! We really hope it makes a difference for the people who need it.more

How Roxanne Coady Quit her Job and Created the Bookstore of Her Dreams

"Do your parents own a laundry or a grocery store?" I got that a lot from non-Asian kids, growing up in the Bronx. If I was feeling sensitive about the stereotype I'd retort "I'm Chinese. We own restaurants. Koreans own grocery stores. Don't you know anything?"  Actually, we weren't business-owning Chinese immigrants at all. We were scholarship-seeking Chinese immigrants, hoping for job security, health benefits, and a clear ladder to climb til retirement....more
What a great story. I'm definitely inspired! Thank you.more

What I Learned While Publishing My Book

In September, I released my first full-length published book titled Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence™: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom and to say I am excited is an understatement. Along the way I learned a great deal about what it takes to start and more importantly complete a project like this. Whether you are looking to publish as part of your business or for professional gratification, here are some lessons learned. ...more
Congrats on your bouncing baby BOOK, Paula! Yes, I likened my own book writing experience with ...more

Publishing Tables Turned

“When the tables are turned, the situation has changed giving the advantage to the party who had previously been at a disadvantage.”        That is the meaning of the idiom “tables turned.” The meaning of recent new developments in the book publishing world, however, are slowly being interpreted by all of those affected. A lot of the practical implications haven’t dawned on us yet....more

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“For the supreme gift of ...more