What I Learned While Publishing My Book

In September, I released my first full-length published book titled Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence™: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom and to say I am excited is an understatement. Along the way I learned a great deal about what it takes to start and more importantly complete a project like this. Whether you are looking to publish as part of your business or for professional gratification, here are some lessons learned. ...more
Congrats on your bouncing baby BOOK, Paula! Yes, I likened my own book writing experience with ...more

Publishing Tables Turned

“When the tables are turned, the situation has changed giving the advantage to the party who had previously been at a disadvantage.”        That is the meaning of the idiom “tables turned.” The meaning of recent new developments in the book publishing world, however, are slowly being interpreted by all of those affected. A lot of the practical implications haven’t dawned on us yet....more

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“For the supreme gift of ...more

The Idea Factory

Guest Post on bloggingauthors.com by Isabel Anders“Ideas won’t keep; something must be done about them.”          —Alfred North Whitehead.“To have a great idea, have a lot of them.”...more

Is There a Gender Gap In Literature?

Salon.com recently published an article from Laura Miller entitled “Literature's Gender Gap.” It followed on a survey by the literary site Vida that showed female voices are underrepresented in literary criticism, both in books by women and lack of women among the reviewers themselves. While that was pretty logical, it was the leap of logic that Miller took in the rest of the piece that did me in. ...more

Ellen, I love that you pointed out a flaw in the methods of the Salon article. May I also ...more

Creating a Book Readers Can’t Put Down

However, an overwhelming number of books clamor for the reader's attention. Often, readers (like the rest of us) lead busy lives with little time for the quiet pleasure of reading. Other louder, more demanding entertainments pull readers away from the written page. And thus, too many books get shoved aside, left unfinished only to accumulate layers of dust. In today’s market, we HAVE to write gripping stories if we want to keep our readers’ attention. But ... how can we do that? What goes into making a page-turner? ...more
I have to admit that I'm also a fan of 'sexual tension' in a book. Is s/he going to fall for ...more

Celebrities find writing isn't child's play

BARACK Obama's presidency will reach a milestone of historic proportions on November 16. No, it is not the mid-term congressional elections. It is the release by his book publisher of his new book. A children's book. With the publication of Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, Mr Obama will join the throng of celebrities, including some Australians, with a mystifying desire to fill the gaps left by The Wind in the Willows, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other works by recognised children's authors....more

How to Write (Better): Do You Need a MFA?

Anyone who writes regularly –- whether it’s honing a novel in the small hours of the morning or blogging up a storm or crafting a line of poetry -– has probably considered the following question: Should I get a MFA? After all, it’s hard not to notice the proliferation of programs and the increasing number of people who have MFAs. But a MFA is a big commitment. All that time and money -– what’s the return? Is it really worth it? And how do you know if it’s the right move for you? I have helped many clients and students answer these questions, and I can tell you the four factors I consider before I give my advice. ...more

Living in the middle of nowhere makes it next to impossible to even consider. Thanks for the ...more

How To Get Published, Part 9: Working With an Editor

First we need to go back to those terms and define some roles. You are going to be working with an editor and a publisher. Sometimes, they are one and the same person, but they'll be doing two very different jobs with you. An editor is working with you to tighten (or produce) the content. They will be looking at ideas, character development, tone, pace--and they may also do a little line editing. The publisher--the person who acquired your manuscript--is more in charge of the life of the book after it's done. ...more
Thank-you so much for going into such detail. Great information!more

Career Shifts Happen: CJ Lyons Goes From Pediatrician To Best Selling Author

Two weeks before her first novel was scheduled to be published, CJ Lyons received some devastating news -- the publisher pulled her book from publication because of cover art issues. The timing couldn't have been worse. CJ had quit her job as a pediatrician, moved from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, and had no other book contracts on the horizon. Now, just four years later, CJ Lyon's first hardcover book will be published by Vanguard Press -- it's the first installment of a new suspense series that Vanguard Press asked her to co-write with Erin Brockovich. ...more

I can't imagine what it was like to have that book pulled just two weeksprior to publication. ...more