15 Audio Books for a Road Trip

I'm a huge reader.  In my purse, I always have my Kindle, which is full of digital, library books and all my favorites.  When I go on vacation, I usually pack at least two paperbacks.  I just don't want to run out of good reading material.In addition to my Kindle and paperback books, I listen to a lot of audio books.  I drive many miles, every day, for work, so while I'm in the car, I'm listening to a book.  Last year, I read 62 books and about half were audio books....more

My Top Reads of 2015

I can't believe it's already the time of year to do a round up of my favorite reads from 2015. It feels like I just posted last year's list (no link, on the old blog). It's been a busy year between work, photography and beginning my brand new blog, and my reading took a bit of my back seat....more

Monthly Book Round-Up - January

Since I seem to fail at doing individual book reviews, I’ve decided I’ll do a round-up of what I read the previous month. Just seems easier. I’ll be doing book reviews for the books I read for Sarah Ohm’s Blogger Book Club, but for the rest, it will just be a round-up....more

My 15 Favorite Books Of All Time

Reading Brian Selznick - Author of Hugo

Janet Costellowww.iblog4boys.blogspot.comI think we were the last people to see Hugo in the theater and we were really glad we did. It is was fantastic story with even better animation. It also set off an interest in automata and Brian Selznick, the author of the story....more
I love big ole stacks of library books. :) more

Books and Reading, Reading and Books



 I have had a lifelong love affair with books and magazines.  I began reading when I was quite young, around 5 years old, and it became my passion, which has never waned.  The excitement of a new book that I've been looking forward to is still there for me, and I follow certain authors and wait anxiously for their newest releases....more

The Fine Art of Recommending Books

So you read a really good book. The next thing to do is go force into the hands of everyone you know and say, "You will read this book and love it. Because I said so." Yes? No. Not really. ...more

There are a variety of databases that librarians have been using since at least the early ...more

Things We Want Our Mothers To Know

I always feel that when one recommends or buys a book for someone we are saying something to them. Perhaps it's as simple as saying that we know them and we think they will enjoy the story. Maybe there's something we need them to know but find our own words insignificant. Maybe we find a book that can tell them that they are not alone, that someone else has experienced the sames thing they have. Perhaps we want them to relax and enjoy themselves. Or maybe we just want to say, "I love you." I'm sure that since it's the day before Mother's Day you probably have your gifts all picked out and wrapped. But if you haven't, or if maybe you just want to buy your mom a book just because, here are some ideas for you. ...more

for linking to my blog, The Expanding Life: http://sgaissert.wordpress.com/. I did not know ...more