What's In My Ear: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Welcome to this edition of What's In My Ear! Today's submission is a little gem called I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson ...more

What's In My Ear: The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Well, this time I've gone and outdone myself. I've uglied myself up. I know what you're thinking; That won't be too durn hard Pammy Pam! And I suppose you're right! Why have I gone and uglied myself up? In honor of The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld! ...more

Book Review: Workman's Complication, by Rich Leder

*** Received complimentary copy  from publisher in exchange for honest review*** ...more

Wildfire by Mary Pauline Lowry

I love when I find an author who writes strong female characters. Who doesn’t love strong girls who follow their minds, don’t let anyone boss them around and have their own adventures? That’s why I love me some Mary Pauline Lowry.  Our shared hometown of Austin and our love of grrrl power makes us kindred spirits.Mary’s latest book is Wildfire and I loved it so much I made a video. Check it out.  ...more

Book Review of Eragon, by Christopher Paolini

I can finally breathe like normal again, and I've left my comfort cave of blankets for the first time in days… It also explains the lack of blogging as of lately, because I haven't be...more

tHe WiTcH oF PoRToBeLLo BooK ReVieW

It all started in a bar. After my divorce. After I had proven my sister right when she claimed I was delusional for thinking I could run a successful gift shop. After I had burned through all my settlement money to establish a real estate business....more

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

The January book for the Paper & Glam book club was #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. Before joining the book club, I had heard about this book and was mildly intrigued due to its unique hashtag/empowering word title....more

Book Review of Flower Net, by Lisa See

I'm sorry everyone, but I feel like all my reviews have been negative as of lately. This one is no different, and that's why I'm going to read something this month that I know I already love. Enough about my, "woe is me" act. All that matters is that Flower Net became (quickly) boring to me. So without further adieu - a review! ...more

REVIEW: Zero Visibility by Georgia Beers

The really wonderful thing about Lesbian Fiction is that it has really become pretty diverse in terms of genre.Yes, I think we still have a ways to go, but there are more options to choose from today than there were in, say, 2000. Heck, in the last 10 years alone, the Golden Crown Literary Society has gone from giving out awards in 3 categories to giving out awards in 13 categories. (And I have no doubt that we’ll be adding categories in future years.) Like a good mystery/thriller? Not a problem. Enjoy sinking your teeth into a good vampire story? Yep, lots of those, too....more