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Book Review: Waking Up Dead by Margo Bond Collins

Title: Waking Up Dead ...more

Tinkers: a book review and writing advice

This is the helpful thing about stories: their secluded existence gives them significance. In other words, you could read a sentence on a billboard driving down the highway and not think anything of it. But if that same sentence is in a story, you assume it has meaning, and you assign to it a few extra brain cells. You think: what is the significance of this. And, most of the time, you are rewarded. That is why we tell stories, to break up our days into small moments of significance. ...more

Book Review: Glimpse by Steven Whibley

Title: Glimpse (The Dean Curse Chronicles)...more

Book Review:Within These Walls: Memoirs of A Death House Chaplain by Carroll Pickett

BOOK REVIEW:  Within These Walls Memoirs of a Death House Chaplain by Rev. Carroll Pickett...more

Book Review: You Knew Me When by Emily Liebert

Title: You Knew Me When...more

Book Review: Discretion by David Balzarini

Title: Discretion...more

Book Review: Untethered: A Caregiver's Tale by Phyllis Peters

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Are you living your "Best Life"?

Have you ever felt that there was a need in the world that you were uniquely destined to meet?  Terry Smith (Pastor at The Life Christian Church for more than twenty-one years) believes that God has a dream for you and he has put together a 30 chapter/30 day challenge to “jump-start the best version of your life” and “fulfill your God-inspired dreams”...more
lovewhatido365 I'm already over my "book per month' goal, lol. I just picked up Christopher ...more