Book Review: Scratches on the Surface

Title: Scratches on the SurfaceAuthor: Aaron SmibertCopyright Date: 2013...more

Maria Semple's "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" & Wild Mushroom Risotto

What does it mean to go missing? That is the question at the heart of Maria Semple’s entertaining 2012 novel, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? Over the course of some 350 pages, a series of paper and electronic means of correspondence chronicle the events that lead to and result from Bernadette Fox’s sudden and unexpected disappearance from her home in Seattle....more

Jack Daniels: J A Konrath delivers a 'Killer' series

Who doesn't love a determined yet flawed detective? Who doesn't love a little gruesome mixed in with their mystery? Who doesn't love it when the aforementioned detective has their own series written by 'Thriller' King, J A Konrath?Well obviously there are some completely 'reasonable' people who love none of the above, but I, happily, am not one of them....more

Book Review and Giveaway: The Stranger You Know by Andrea Kane (mystery thriller)

This book is part of the TLC tour for The Stranger You Know. I received a copy of this book free for an honest review.Anyone who comments is eligible to win a copy of The Stranger You Know- exclusive to Daily Mayo readers! The giveaway will close Nov 10 at 12:59 PM Central Time. ...more

Book Review: Jeff Goins "The In-Between"

“I really don’t like to read.”That’s been my chorus for much of my adult life.  Interesting, right, for one so deeply in love with words?...more

Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatric

Title: My Life Next DoorAuthor: ...more

Maya Angelou's MOM & ME & MOM and Whole-Wheat Muffins

Throughout her career, Maya Angelou has had few qualms writing about the extremely personal — her childhood rape, feelings on race, upbringing in the rural South, struggles for feminism. But she refused to reveal much about her relationship with her mother, until now, in Mom & Me & Mom.  ...more

Book Review: 4 to 16 Characters by Kelly Hourihan

Title: 4 to 16 CharactersAuthor: Kelly HourihanCopyright Date: 2013Genre: Young AdultPublisher: Lemon Sherbet PressPages: 328...more

Running Like a Girl ( A Must Read for Female Runners)

Last Thursday I received a package from Simon & Shuster book publishers. I excitedly opened it to see what it was. Inside, I found a complimentary copy of Running Like a Girl : notes on learning how to run by Alexandra Heminsley....more


When you’re 13, summer vacation is supposed to be carefree, and Riddle Camperdown hopes to spend the summer of 1972 at her family’s Cape Cod house “sipping iced tea and eating radish and mayonnaise sandwiches, listening to birds chirp, watching the mulberries ripen, hearing the waves roll in.” But she’s not going to — Riddle’s summer is instead going to be filled with secrets, lies, and discovering just how difficult it can be to tell the truth....more