Read & Shelved | June Edition

This summer seems to be flying by all too quickly for me. I sat down to write this morning and realized that it's nearly the middle of July and I've yet to share my June reads with you. Has Summer been speeding by for you as well? If you've been following along for a while now you might remember that I made the lofty goal for myself of reading 33 books this year. With the help of Goodreads for inspiration and tracking I've managed to read 19 so far!...more

Books I Read In May

Read & Shelved | March Edition

Well you can see I read a LOT in March. It didn't hurt that each and everyone of these novels grabbed my attention and held it to the very last page....more

Maybe I Really Am Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed Like the Authors in this New Anthology...and That's Okay

There's an overlooked back alley of the "Mommy Wars" that doesn't involve mommies, but is directly impacted by the embattled culture. Though women are no longer raising broods of children in heels and pearls, societal expectations exist to the point that couples who choose to forgo parenthood are barraged with questions and expected to explain their decision. ...more

Monthly Book Round Up - February

Another month down, another book round-up. I think I like doing this much more than individual reviews! Sure, less blog content, but this isn't a blog all about books. And if I wrote reviews for every single thing I read, we would have at least a couple reviews per week.In February, I read 6 books. Still not a huge amount for me, but better than January. Let's get right into it shall we....more February Blogger Book Club Link Up!

It's hard to believe it's already the end of February. I can't say I'm upset though. It's been a long month. It feels like we've been suffering through the longest winter ever. I guess in a way we have since we've gotten a year's worth of snow IN A MONTH!Moving on....more

Picture Book Month: Recent Releases

November is picture book month, and even though I have older kids now, we still read picture books. My 7 year old is particularly fond of them. What I've learned as they've gotten older is that there are picture books for kids of all ages, from simple stories meant to entertain toddlers to more complex and educational books for older kids. We've recently read four picture books that were released this Fall, and I just had to share them. ...more

Reading Maeve Binchy Books Is The Comfort Food Equivalent of Literature

You know how somedays, you just want to curl up in bed, pull the covers over your head, and feel gloomy? On days like that, Maeve Binchy's writing is the literary equivalent of chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes. From her fiction to her new memoir, Binchy brings to life characters and situations that become your friends. ...more

A Book Review - Life After Life

I've completely slacked on the blog pretty much the entire month of October. Not intentionally, it just happened. But I'm vowing to start writing again. And I'm starting today with a book review, which I'm hoping (and currently planning) will be more often on here. As many of you know, I read A TON. Definitely not like some of those book bloggers out there, but I'm always reading something. And since I'm always reading, I figure it only makes sense to start reviewing some of those reads on here. It is, after all, a huge part of my world....more

3 Reasons To Read (and Watch) Sexy, Scottish 'Outlander'

I tuned into the Outlander series on STARZ without knowing much about it. I was intrigued by the promos airing months leading up to premiere. Well, saying I was hooked with Outlander after the first episode aired, it would be putting it mildly. All my TV and writing time just went out the window. ...more
As an historical fiction writer and avid Diana Gabaldon fan, I've read the entire series of ...more