Beware of Strangers with Flamethrowers

Followers of Dave Johnston have discovered this interesting and unique presentation called Sixty Minute Reads. Do they take sixty minutes to read? Maybe, it depends on how much the reader wants to invest in exploring tangents that Johnston inspires. I liked Atomic Number Sixty which I reviewed elsewhere on this site and looked forward to what Johnston would come up with next. This story, Massacre of the Sixty is also entertaining in content and interesting in organization....more

MB's Book Blog

The Witch Must Burn by Danielle Paige Here’s the next volume in the novellas that take place prior to the Dorothy Must Die series. This one follows Dorothy’s handmaid Jellia in the Emerald City who is recruited to work for Glinda whose motives are unknown, may not be kosher and could possibly be underhanded and evil....more

A Book Review of Two Jens

PLEASE NOTE: SPOILER ALERT!The Best of EnemiesBy Jen Lancaster

My Book Blog

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow RowellIf you don’t believe in fairy tale love stories, read this book. Two misfits fall in love, a seemingly unlikely pairing and one you’d never suspect. Can they save each other from their own insecurities and teen angst and everyone else or will destiny intervene before they can alter each other’s lives for the better for good?...more
piepervoshell OMG, hysterical! I totally understand -- I, too, have a 13-year old daughter, and ...more

What I Read This Summer

Here are the latest books I’ve finished as part of my own summer reading program (not that I don’t hoard and read books at any other time, but…)...more

MORE Summer Reading Book Reviews

Here are more book reviews for your consumption and maybe to fill out your own summer reading list.  One of my favorite things to do during the summer is read, whether it’s on the beach, at the pool or out on my deck.  It’s a true escape even if the only vacation you have over the summer is a staycation.  You’ll rarely find me without a book or at least a magazine when I’m out and about.  ...more

Olympic Champion Nicole Cooke's 'The Breakaway' Reveals Sexism in Cycling

I often wonder how women like Nicole Cooke become women like Nicole Cooke, strong and courageous enough to earn the titles of a World and Olympic cyclist champion. A mother, I am always looking for ways to empower my daughter and help her become competitive and strong, in mind and in body....more

Summer Reading Book Reviews

As a voracious reader, it's hard to keep tabs on the voluminous amounts of books I read.  I feel like a scofflaw with the amount of money I continually owe the library.  The bane of my existence could be library fines, but as a self-proclaimed book addict and hoarder, it’s expected.  However, I always pay off my fines because I feel like, in my own twisted way, I’m supporting the library.  I decided to write some reviews of the summer reading I've engage in so far.Dog Crazy: A Novel of Love Lost and Found by Meg Donohue ...more

Book Review: Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

I was recommended this book by my book whore sister from another mother. She kept telling me “JUST READ IT DAMMIT” and finally after dragging my feet, reading other books for indie authors and in general just procrastinating……I read it!...more