7 Easy Bookmarks You Can Make

I recently went on vacation and overall we planned rather well. We didn't end up bringing many things we didn't need and we only forgot to pack a couple of minor things. Part of that planning was figuring out how many books to bring, something that BlogHer's Facebook community helped me with. It was a screen-free vacation so I only packed paper books. As I settled into a lounge chair on the first day of our vacation I realized I had made an error. I had not packed a bookmark....more
Zauberbear  I like that idea!more

Super easy-to-make bookmarks

If you are going to do all that reading, you may need a bookmark or two. I love these easy origami bookmarks. They slip on the corner of the page and don’t fall out when you open the book.What you need:Square piece of paper (Mine is 6-inch squared, good for bigger books. A 3-inch square works well also.)...more

Take Your Bookmarks With You Using Firefox Sync

Searching for a smooth transition through your digital life? With much of our time now spent in destination to somewhere: vacation, school, the morning commute - it's not surprising that more and more people are investing in some type of mobile device. So, what kind do you get? Laptop, eReader, tablet...upgrade to a smartphone? Answering that question usually involves a bit of research and energy. ...more

Solomon Burke Legendary King of Soul Dies at 70

The music world lost a legend on Sunday. Soul music legend Solomon Burke passed away early Sunday morning at the age of 70....more

Bill Gates Pioneers Initiatives to Improve Higher Education

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and four nonprofit education organizations to create technological initiatives within higher education. www.gatesfoundation.org...more

Do You Use Bookmarks?

I've been thinking a lot about bookmarks lately. Probably because I keep misplacing mine. I swear, it was just right there but then I turned my back on it for one second and POOF! Gone. I'll end shoving whatever scrap of paper that is handy (often bus transfers) into the book to mark my place. I often wonder whether this is "normal". This week's Weekly Geeks is all about bookmarks, so I suspect I'm not the only person who wonders about these things. ...more

I do not think using the bill will make me want to pay it.  Seriously, how does a broken toe ...more

Digging the Dirt: Gardeners, welcome to Web 2.0

Just returning from She's Geeky, I was so happy to see Learning how to use your new gardening tool: The Web at Gardening Tips and Ideas. Stuart presents well-thought out posts that usually teach me something new. This article, though, made me feel like I was living in past. His tips for using the web as a gardening tool? ...more

Debra, I checked out both your blogs, and if your bio is up-to-date, you are only my elder by 6 ...more