Whole Grain Mornings Cookbook Review!

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#Book Review: TheBloodlines War (The Community Series #1) by Tracy Tappan

I really wanted to like the book. I really, really did! It’s got all the paranormal aspects I enjoy and even some new ideas that I respect. Unfortunately 30% of the way into the book I was still wondering where it was all going and I was not entertained.The book starts with Dr. Toni Parthen at a crime scene, she’s obsessing over not having a boyfriend in over a year all the while complaining about drawing the short straw and have to be at said crime scene. I found the idea that not having a man would be higher on her mind that the dead man at the scene with no blood in his veins. The lead detective is attracted to her and she likes him too but has bad luck with men. You don’t really understand why for some time and even then it’s more like seriously?!?! Toni is also described as someone beyond beautiful with an extremely large chest that is ogled but any man within eye distance. I’m kinda over the “I’m a doctor and want to be taken seriously but I’m constantly worry about my body even when I pretend not to” that I’m seeing in many paranormal books recently....more

Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith - Book Review

Michelle DeRusha's book, Spiritual Misfit:A Memoir of Uneasy Faith, is as open, engaging, and honest. The topic of spirituality in today's culture and society has become more open than it once was, so I think this book is a great place to begin a conversation. In the book, she discusses her entire path, all parts of it. From when she attended religious services out of duty, to her pure avoidance of the topic altogether, marrying someone with faith, and the slow walk to where she is today....more

book review: we are water

we are water by wally lamb has been on my reading list because the description pulled me in. it was described as a tale of a woman, named annie oh, who was a successful artist. she had a darkened past that fueled her artistry, that boasted described “rageful, violent” anger depicted in her creations....more
Loved "Shes Come Undone"  putting this on my list!more

Success Can Kill You - Book Review & Giveaway

Recently, I was contacted by former Missouri House Speaker, Rod Jetton. He has written a book describing how he went from being a rather powerful man in the state of Missouri, to facing state and federal charges, losing his family, and community. Mr. Jetton's hope is that through his fall and the telling of his story, he can help others not follow a similar path....more

book review: the orphan train

the orphan train, written by christina baker kline, is a story about 91 year old vivian daly and her childhood as an immigrant to america by way of galway county ireland. vivian enlists the help of molly, a 17 year old foster kid who needs to fulfill community service hours, to help her clean out the attic of her mansion. in doing so, molly discovers that it’s really a way for vivian to go through old memories of her past, which molly soon learns isn’t much different than her own....more

Boys Who Like Boys

“I will never leave him. It will be this, always, for as long as he will let me.If I had had words to speak such a thing, I would have. But there were none that seemed big enough for it, to hold that swelling truth....more

A Year With Six Sisters' STUFF

Rosarito Beach by M.A. Lawson - Book Review

DEA Agent Kay Hamilton doesn't play well with others not even coworkers but she brings in the bad guys and she doesn't care....more

Waiting For Jules:Book Review by Shanti Ray

Synopsis: The path to happiness is littered with ex-boyfriends, confusing career choices, and lingering insecurities for an ambitious young woman in this touching, romantic debut....more