Monthly Book Round-Up: March

I’m a bit behind on my book round-up. I always try to do this the first week in April, but with vacation and then just trying to get back into my routine, I completely spaced. And now it’s almost the end of April, and I’m just getting to it....more

Mightier than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer- Fifth Addition to the Clifton Chronicles

Here comes another feast for the Jeffrey Archer fans, the fifth inclusion to his series of Clifton Chronicles. Set in the backdrop of a classic voyage amidst Atlantic, the pages opens with an IRA bomb explosion on MV Buckingham. Buckle up yourselves and sit through the whole book to find out how many passengers lost their lives and the surreptitious mission that follows....more

Cat Michaels Gets Kids Writing Stories

CorineD2 Thx for the retweet! Appreciate the support. I'm new to Twitter. Finding my way round ...more

Top 5 Novellas for Platypus Women

cancer2gether  I'm going to have to read that this weekend :)more