Women of History - Emily Hahn

Emily Hahn a woman of historyShe was referred to as the great forgotten literary treasure of Americaa writer and adventurer she travelled alone to parts of the earth where men dared not travel and shared her adventures through her writing.  Let's remember Emily Hahn...more

6 Books That Have Influenced My Life

I started reading while I was very young.  In fact, my grandfather who raised me by himself started reading the Bible to me from ever since I can remember.  Growing up as an only child in the home, I often became lost in the adventures of Alice in Wonderland or a mysterious plot from a Nancy Drew book....more

On Your Writing Way: The First Step

Hello, everyone! Thank you for joining me on my, and perhaps your, journey to create the great American novel. I'll be posting everyday about my progress, writing tips, and some prompts or photos to get you inspired.Like all journeys, we must begin with the first step. That first step is preparing for The Idea. You probably saw that coming. You can't write without knowing what to write about. That goes for all forms of writing. However, you have to be prepared for The Idea first....more

New Literary Releases

Hello Everyone!I hope that everyone is doing great today. On Facebook, I love bringing work of creative people to the forefront. I love it when people ask me to share their work on my little Facebook page. It makes me humble, to know that people trust me enough to share something so close, so personal, like their work. Because as all of us know, our work is a part of us. We are our work. Every word that we write, every blog post that we publish and every picture that is shared, are reflections of us. And it is important that everyone remembers not to take it lightly....more

A Review Of 'The Interestings' By Meg Wolitzer

I recently read "The Interestings" by Meg Wolitzer.  Be forewarned that I wasn't immediately drawn in; it took a while before the story grabbed me, but once I found the rhythm of her writing, I became engrossed with the characters, who are well defined and quite, as the title suggests, interesting....more

The Art of Seduction

One of my pet hates is ‘literal’ writing. You know the kind; great descriptions, a well-structured plot, believable characters, fantastic ideas, and absolutely no compelling reason to keep turning the page. The story simply conveys information without plumbing the depths of meaning, giving it a stale, paint-by-numbers feel....more

Is the Muse Screening Yours Calls? Let my 5 Week Writing Bootcamp Help!

What is going on with your muse? You and she once had a great thing going!Well your writing muse is like any other relationship. You have to make time to nurture it if its going to stay healthy. You can't just expect her to give you great ideas if you only slot her in between the shampoo and conditioner.  She needs your time. MY WRITING BOOTCAMP IN JAN CAN HELP TOO...more