Early Reading Books - Four Favorite Silly Stories

Reading repetition played a major role in Pie's early reading skills. Reading the same stories may have made us a little crazy, over and over, every night for weeks and sometimes months. We sometimes thought she would never want to read another new thing again. Then she started to pick her own books to read, part of our bedtime routine. Interestingly enough, it was the books she made us read so many many many times. ...more

10 Signs You're Addicted to Reading

Sometimes I am guilty of paying too much attention to my book and not enough to the real world. In the interest of public service, I have compiled a useful list of the top 10 reasons to suspect you might have a reading "problem."...more
NicoleFroio  It does explain the permanent bags under my eyes!more


I'm loving your 44yrs and counting.more

Books Will Blow Your Mind

Books are awesome and you should read them. Not just any books difficult, challenging, earth-shattering books.   ...more
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5 Books I Read and Loved This Summer (So Far). What Are You Reading?

Usually, my summers consist almost exclusively sitting in my backyard, reading. My job and my newly invigorated social life (not even being sarcastic, for once…my weekends have mostly been packed with fun things this summer) do not allow me to casually read as much as I used to, though. I have found the time to read a few books this summer: Here are the books I read and loved: ...more
I never get tired of the ever prolific Nora Roberts.more

I Suck At Reading

Normally I love to read but I've had a hard time finishing a book lately. Here is a list of books I need to finish before I can justify purchasing George Takei's Oh Myyyy: There Goes the Internet. ...more