What I'm Reading Next...

    Interested in what I'm reading next and reviewing on my book blog? You can find cover images below. Also if you want to try them out before I review them click on the cover it will ink you to the amazon kindle page for it.  Happy Hump Day! Read On!   ...more

Book Sale now - $.99 The Duke's Lady & Southern Seduction

The Duke’s Lady on sale for .99 cent A MYSTERIOUS BEAUTY... A LOVER’S SECRET ... A PIRATE’S GOLD Fighting her powerful desire for the man who has sheltered her, Jewel Bona struggles both to remember her past and imagine what her future might hold.  But when a British officer claiming that he is her uncle threatens to expose her to terrifying danger, she turns to Adam Trent, the Duke of Cornwall for protection....more

Holiday Romance Debut: JINGLE MY WAY

JINGLE MY WAY is my NaNo WriMo turned debut novel was released by Cerridwyn publishing this week . Determined to live despite her failing heart, Nina Carter is finally beginning to realize that while she survived her heart attack, her marriage did not. Nostalgic for a real white Christmas, she heads to Colorado—minus her husband—to spend the holidays with her sister’s picturesque family. What she doesn’t expect is her reaction to her sister’s jerk of a brother-in-law, Jack....more