How Roxanne Coady Quit her Job and Created the Bookstore of Her Dreams

"Do your parents own a laundry or a grocery store?" I got that a lot from non-Asian kids, growing up in the Bronx. If I was feeling sensitive about the stereotype I'd retort "I'm Chinese. We own restaurants. Koreans own grocery stores. Don't you know anything?"  Actually, we weren't business-owning Chinese immigrants at all. We were scholarship-seeking Chinese immigrants, hoping for job security, health benefits, and a clear ladder to climb til retirement....more
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Cloudbursts and Other Things

So I haven't been copy & pasting my posts from Stress and Stars over here for the last several posts....more

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Still Wishing on White Horses

There exists at the edge of the world a land that time forgot a place where dreams play and fantasies frolic. This place could be called delusion. Some call it Shangri-La.  I call it imagination. I wandered the bookstore yesterday looking for such a place. This is where dreams are made isn’t it? I tend not to go through the new arrivals, don’t know why, just go through the stacks waiting for a book to jump out at me—I’ve had astounding luck so far, recent reads: The Year of the Hare (Paasilinna), How to Bake a Happy Life (O’Neal) Loved it!...more

Foodie shopping destinations during BlogHer Food 2009

If you’re traveling to San Francisco for BlogHer Food 2009, you might want to leave a little extra room in your suitcase. Not only is this a city of great eating and drinking, this is a terrific city for culinary shopping and tourism. ...more

Gudrun, some of these places were totally new to me, too, and yeah...there are some field ...more

Call for Authors - BlogHer 09

A Week in Review is on the back burner today so we can launch our Call for Authors! One of the amazing results of blogging is the opportunity to transform your blog into a book.  Whether it be self or agency published we have authors amongst us - and now we want to highlight you. If you are published and would like to have your book in our bookstore at BlogHer '09 please contact Elizabeth and she will assist you further. We will be accepting requests until May 31 so don't delay! ...more

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So, you want to publish a book, really?

I'm deliberately challenging myself and everything I work for when I attempt to give advice about actually publishing a book. The thought of addressing this subject is so powerful that as I began to type, I broke into a fit of sneezing. Is it about truth? Or am I just allergic to the dust on my desk? Probably a little of both.  Okay, so publishing a book is on your horizon. Good for you. Really. It's a noble ambition and as long as someone has the urge, perhaps publishing will survive. ...more

Dumb and Dumber and DUMBEST

The following is a  conversation held in a Borders Bookstore in Hollywood, California.  CUSTOMER: (girl, late 20's):  Can you help me?  I'm looking for this book written by Oprah. ...more

I loved this!

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Happy Father's Day, Beavis

Today I'm a guest blogger at Powell's Books. Here's what I had to say...   Today's post is by Kaui Hart Hemmings, the author of The Descendants. Visit her website at ...more