For the Love of Brick and Mortar Independent Bookstores

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Why Independent Bookstores Matter

Independent bookstores do everything big corporate bookstores do, with only one significant difference: Independents do it better.Without independent bookstores -- meaning those places not owned by huge corporate chains or multinational conglomerates --there would be three, maybe four, books published a year.There would be a blockbuster thriller, a densely detailed romance, a pseudo-science exploration of a catchy phenomena, and a celebrity bio.And a diet book -- there would be a diet book....more

demise of the mega bookstore

Reading reports of a closing bookstore is a little like reading about the death of an acquaintance. It upsets, the upset driven by a stew that includes further evidence of our own mortality and reflection that maybe we weren’t quite the friend we should have been. When was the last time…?...more

I guess where it gets me is if someone is there for three hours, having a grand old time ...more

Am I Smart Enough?

I’ve been to Boston a number of times, but my trips mainly consisted of flying into Logan airport, renting a car, and driving out to the far western suburbs for work.  Downtown Boston was a blur of road construction, and Cambridge was just a blur across the St. Charles River.  So, I was excited to spend some time in the city....more

Borders Books and Music Declaring Bankruptcy Affects More than the Store

On Wednesday morning, Borders Group, the bookstore chain founded in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1971, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It claimed more than $1 billion in debt and announced they would close 30% of its more than 600 stores....more

Hopefully more libraries will be able to host authors. Maybe schools can see ways to do this as ...more

Without libraries and bookstores, how "literate" can a city really be?

The annual survey ranking America’s Most Literate Cities was released this month, evaluating the USA’s 75 largest metro areas on six criteria that foster or support literacy: level of education, libraries, booksellers, Internet resources, and circulation of newspapers and periodicals. For the first time in five years, the #1 spot was not claimed by either Seattle or Minneapolis, although those cities still scored very well. Are you fortunate enough to live in or near one of the cities that made the top ten?...more

Why We Buy Books Online (and Why We Don't)

As I read yet another article about the supposed death of Borders, whose death has been predicted so many times I've lost count, I can't help but wonder why we buy so many books online. I confess to it myself. I used to spend hours in bookstores, browsing and stroking the books. Now the majority of my book are purchased online. Why is that? I can't only give you my answers. ...more

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What I brought home: The Books of BlogHer'10

I've been to New York City twice this summer - which is a big deal because I live in Los Angeles - and I've yet to get to the Strand Bookstore! It was on the list of things I wanted to do when I was in the City for BlogHer'10, but between a pretty full conference agenda and my inability to follow the walking directions I got from Google Maps, it didn't happen....more

Aw, that sucks that you didn't get to The Strand. :(

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