How to Grandparent?

I didn't have much in the way of grandparents in my life to demonstrate how to grandparent.  Two of my grandparents died before I was born, one grandfather, who I struggle to remember, died when I was four, and one grandmother, who I fiercely loved, lived until I was thirteen, but we only saw her rarely.  When I was growing up it seemed the thing grandparents did best was pop off.My husband didn't know any of his grandparents, and I'd be surprised if he even knew their names....more

Last Minute, Innovative and Useful Gifts for Parents & Grandparents

The countdown is on. Do any of us really need more stuff? Why not consume less this Christmas and give useful services to your aging loved ones. Baby boomers who want to help parents and grandparents age in place, know that concierge services are perfect to provide the level of assistance they require immediately and as their future needs unfold. Think handyman, housecleaning, auto care and pet care as extensions of the concierge. Likewise gift cards for haircuts from a local barber or salon and spa treatments are always a hit....more
Sharing! We are based in Vancouver, Canada and we do alot of the housekeeping, concierge, dog ...more

Teens Provide the Best Technology Help

Our global world requires kids to be tech thrive. Maybe you aren't there yet with your child and hopefully you're not a tech challenged Mom. But maybe your parents or grandparents are.Some of us are still feeling behind the tech curve. Confused about the difference between Facetime and Facebook? Know a tweet from a post? Better find yourself a teenager! Technology and all that goes with it is a part of their everyday lives – second nature to them....more

Another Quinn Date!

 ...more celebrates 1 yr. Anniversary

What a year this has been! I haven't needed a Sudoku puzzle to keep my brain active...learning how to manage a WordPress blog from the back-end has been enough to keep my brain as occupied as it needed to be. A blogging award and 430 posts later, confirms that I love blogging, and will continue. I hope you'll all hang in there with me while I enjoy the adventure. ...more