Follow your bliss

 I originally intended to publish this post as just the graphic, but then something happened last night that I couldn't not gush about: I started my Graphic Design short course at Central Saint Martins. &n...more

What's Your Gonzo Wrap?

A hail storm that hit our area this summer damaged the siding we had installed on the house years ago. Today, a crew of three men from the siding company showed up, walked around to the back of the house, looked at the siding and immediately said,"That's a Gonzo wrap."...more
@alienbody I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'd love to hear back if you come up with your inner ...more

10 Tips to Get Your Creative Mojo On!

[Editor's note: Swelldesigner's tips. They're awesome. My favorite is #10. No, wait, #5. My favorite for photography is definitely #1, which I am constantly reminding myself to do. -- Julie] I would consider myself a creative person, but I wholeheartedly will admit that sometimes it is hard to keep your energy up. Seems like there's work, family, and other stresses that can sometimes break our creative spirit. Here's a few tips fog getting your mojo back and letting that creative juice flow!...more
Really helpful tips! My creative mojo has suffered a lot lately, and I really need a jumpstart.  ...more