SittingTallerKids - A Simple Solution For A Kid and a Booster

As a petite woman, Pam Starobin knew what it is like to sit at a table with your chin barely over the the edge or at the movies when, inevitably, someone would sit directly in front of her blocking her view. She understood how kids felt and wanted to make a booster seat that made them feel all grown up. She came up with a lightweight booster seat that carries like a backpack....more

The Days Keep On Rolling: Great Websites for Getting the Best Fit for Your Child’s Car Seat

Time Flies The older I get, the faster the days a...more

New Questions on Booster Seat Safety

We've been told over and over again how important it is to have our babies safely buckled in to their child safety seats, but as they grow up a little more, it's also equally important that their growing bodies be strapped into booster seats better designed for their midsize frames. ...more

Are Eco Friendly Family Vehicles An Urban Legend?

Eco-Blogger Kristen Chase is soon expecting her third child, and has become quite aware of the difficulties inherent in trying to negotiate automotive seating for two car seats and a booster seat - and let's not forget to leave room for the parents, and storage for the necessary strollers and baggage that little ones require. ...more

We like a family "style" car because we are huge fans of the epic road trip. We ...more