New Car Seat Guidelines from the AAP Get Parents Talking

The American Academy of Pediatrics shook up the parenting world with their new guidelines for car seat use. For the first time since 2001, the AAP made an official change to their previous statement as to how long infants and toddlers should remain rear-facing in their car seats and how long children should be in booster seats. The change extends the time that children should be rear-facing or in a booster seat. ...more

My friend is 4' 11" & 35 - and she almost needs a booster! I'm 5'2" and often feel that the ...more

The Hope of Evolving: Laws Concerning Booster Car Seats

The Evolution of Beings I love the fact that I am constantly evolving as ...more

My Kid Has to Sit in a Car Seat for How Long?

One of my co-workers was looking into convertible car seats the other day. She asked me my opinion about car seats, and boy, was she in for it. My daughter, who's now a svelte five-year-old, was such a large baby that she grew out of her carrying-case car seat (you know, the infant kind you lug around, giving yourself permanent back pain?) when she was four months old. You heard me right. ...more
Great post! I believe many parents like me encounter such cases. Thanks for sharing your ...more

Tips for Child Passenger Safety

Safety is important for everyone of the road, and protecting child passengers is a major concern for parents. Keeping kids safely secured in a vehicle can mean the difference between life and death or serious injury in a car accident. Here are a few tips for child passenger safety: From birth to at least one year old and at least 20 pounds, children should be secured in the back seat in a rear-facing infant seat. Children between the ages of one to about age four and 20-40 pounds ...more