6 of the Hottest Boot Styles for Fall 2015

Now that the temperatures are dropping, many of us are starting to pack away our open-toed sandals and start reaching for our boots. To be honest, as much as I love the summer, by the time October rolls around I’m ready to switch up my wardrobe....more


Frye-day Is there a brand in your closet that is on constant repeat. A brand that you can always rely on, a brand that you always look to for comfort, for style. A brand that is classic. For me, yes it is Levi's, but it is also Frye. I rely on their classic cool styles, I rely on the integrity of the brand, I rely on their comfort, on their warmth....more

Boot Straps = Awesome

Remember a few months ago when I tried to figure out the boots + jeans conundrum with a few different pairs of boots? One of the suggestions I had come across was to buy little straps that connect your jeans cuff and go under your foot and hold them tight.Well, apparently these magical things are called Boot Straps… and they are awesome....more

Learning from Pinterest: Boots + Jeans

I was always a bootcut jeans girl, so figuring out how to wear boots with my jeans was pretty darn easy. Put on jeans + stick boots under jeans = done. Easy peasy.Over the past year, I’ve started liking more of the straight and skinny jeans styles. In the summer, it’s pretty easy to style them with Toms, flats or sandals… but once the weather started getting cold I was kind of at a loss....more

My Stupid Shoe Obsession

You know when you want something it just kind of lives in the back of your head all day, every day? Well, I’m RIGHT THERE with a pair of boots. And have been for quite a while.In fact, I’ve been drooling over Frye boots from afar for a couple years now. I’ve even had this pair pinned on my Pinterest board for 2 years. I didn’t even realize I HAD Pinterest for 2 years…With cooler weather finally coming to Maryland, my boot obsession has reawakened with a vengeance....more

Boot Season

Last year I found my dream boots. I wore them almost every day that I left the house and even joked with a friend of mine that I had cleaned house in my Fryes. I loved my wedge-heeled boots so much that I'd get all gussied up even if I had no where to go. When one of the heels started to come apart I returned them to the store thinking I could exchange them. (They were expensive and should have lasted more than a couple of months - even if I slept in them.) Nope. There were no more in my size. No harm no foul, I thought. I'd return them and then re-order....more

Working Wardrobes: Don't Be Stingy With Your Compliments

In one of those little, temporary lulls halfway through a meeting, one woman tapped another on the shoulder and whispered, “Great boots!” Yeah, that put a smile on the face of the one who was decked out in the great boots. There are two points we can draw from that conversational fragment:  1) Oh, how the mind can wander in a meeting! 2) Don’t be stingy with your compliments!  ...more

How to wear unconventional colored shoes

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Five Fall Fashion Trends

I've scoured the internet for the hottest fall trends and I've got five key things to freshen up your look for Fall 2012. #1. The bootie.  The bootie....more
Going from freelance to payroll starting next week. (It's been a blissful barefoot two years of ...more

On the topic of shoe maintenance...

Like many women, I have a bit of a shoe fetish. And by "a bit" I mean that I have enough shoes that I could wear at least one different pair every day for a month and not wear the same pair twice.It's both lucky and unlucky for me that I no longer work in a shoe store. While it means that I no longer get a discount on shoes, it also means that I'm not nearly as tempted to buy new shoes on a weekly basis....more
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