Monday's Cowboy Boots of the Day

Happy Monday, I had such a busy weekend that I am looking forward to a slower day today. I was doing lots of rearranging & I realized my Pistachio Lucchese boots have not been getting enough attention. So here they are, with a matching bb simon belt as well....more

Did He Cheat?

I was in a very long line at Whole Foods, having stopped in after work to pick up what would pass for dinner. The “express” line was the longest line I’ve ever seen in my entire life, so I got in the regular line even though I only had a couple of things. A few minutes in, I heard a deep voice behind me: “It must be my lucky day to stand in line behind the woman who can rock those boots”. It was a little cheesy but when I turned around I liked the way he looked, I forgave him. ...more
I would be extremely upset if my husband did that. Because what he did was ask another woman on ...more

My Favorite Boots!

I'm so excited to announce a new series I'll be posting every Friday entitled Friday Favorites! Every Friday, I'll be sharing my favorites with you.  This may include my favorite movie, food, clothing, books, places to visit.....really, anything and everything that I absolutely love! **But that's not all! This will also be a project for YOU to participate in with me! It's called a LINKY Party. Just simple click on the Add Your Link at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts....more

It's Time For Snow Boots!

Some locales have already been walloped by snow. Do you have your boots ready?Here are the latest winter boots for you to peruse!...more

When I moved to Chicagoland, I was kind of anti-snow boot. I was in denial. So my mom just sent ...more

Whooga Ugg Boots, The Inside Scoop

Do you know what ugg boots are? A better question is, what are authentic ugg boots?...more

Staying Warm in the Winter

I grew up in a very arid, desert climate in the Southwestern United States.  Then I moved to the rainforest of the West Coast of British Columbia. Now, my chosen home is on the Canadian Prairies. This desert flower has had to learn how to survive in sometimes-harsh winter conditions, from rain to blowing snow.  Here are two things I have learned about staying warm in the winter.  Good Gear...more

Awful things we do to our feet

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the awful ways we treat our feet.  It’s just a flashback to some of the foot-related transgressions I have committed, and I am now wondering why I never believed there would be consequences. Story of my life – suspend belief in consequences, and trudge on along.  (And this is just one body part.) A partial list of the awful things we do to our feet:  We squeeze them into things that aren’t shaped like feet....more

It's the little things...

1. naps are very, very important. notice the milk face ;) 2. so many books, so little time....more

It's the little things...

Split personalities

I'm caught between me and myself.  I'm looking for my writing voice, which tends right now to be voices in my head, plural. There's the sarcastic one, the funny one, the introspective one, the factating academic one. (Factating?  think of leaking milk, only I'm leaking facts). Can they all live together in harmony? Thank goodness for a variety of blog sites, where I can let the personalities out to romp and scamper, make snide remarks, or sit and think. It's like taking several children to daycare and school....more