Drink Green: Organic and Fair Trade Wines

I love to drink wine of all sorts and I’m open for wine tasting with friends anytime. I don’t ordinarily buy organic or Fair Trade wine, I’ve tried a few but our local stores don’t offer much of a selection. I’ve also seen wines that claim to be "ethically produced", whatever that means. I just figured fair trade and organic wine was merely greenwashing, just another marketing ploy. And what about the price? Isn’t the production of organic wine going to be more costly?...more
Great recommendations!more

Valentine's Day Food and Booze

Valentine's Day Food and Booze   My weekend was filled with zombies. Seriously....more

Boozy Weekend Brunch- Cornmeal Crepes, Buttermilk Ricotta and Gin-Soaked Strawberries

cornmeal crepes, buttermilk ricotta and gin-balsamic strawberries...more

‘Get drunk, get naked and BE somebody!’

The ladies came together and bedlam ensued. The scenery changes, but the revelry remains a constant in the lives of all of them. Two ladies touched down in a newly-chilled Boston, anxious to begin some seriously overdue face-time with their east coast counterparts. The cobble-stoned streets of the North End, lit up with holiday anticipation, fueled the overall excitement of the reunion as the thought of alcohol coating their throats quickened their steps....more

My Yellow Liver Is A Load Of Old Tripe

Luke’s eyes light up in anticipation. ‘Go on, open it,’ he urges me. No, it isn't a ring box. It's a white envelope. Bless him, he thinks I’ve won. While I was away spending a few days in Paris with friends, a letter arrived from the organisers of a poetry competition I had entered. ...more

Alcohol and what it does!

So my pals are surely hurting after my lovely friend's 25th. Lucky for me, I was the designated driver as usual. What I was wondering was how alcohol actually affects your body... I mean what are the scientific explanations for these effects? ...more