Getting All Medieval (with Borax)

Yeah, it's about time.  After I tossed most of the fumes causing, headache awakening cleaning products in the Product Purge of '12 here, I still needed something hardcore for removing things like soap scum, hard water, and plain ol' dirty grime.  Like a lot of other greener things I'm learning, sometimes we have to take a step back- and in this case, it's going old school aka getting all medieval on the bathtub and bathroom sinks....more
Cool.  I took the Borax to the mold - did a good job of that. But have to try letting it "rest" ...more

A "soft scrub"

Since I've been spring cleaning for two days (yes, in AUG!), I had an ah-ha moment today.  I was trying to clean my black stove top today and decided to make my own soft scrub.  I know Borax is great for cleaning.  I know Washing Soda is great for cleaning.  I know Dawn is great for cleaning.  AH-HA!  ...more

Clean Green! Simple Cleaning Recipes........

Housekeeping Recipes Basic Ingredients One Needs To Get Started To Create Your Natural Cleaners At Home Liquid Castile Soap or Castile Bar Soap (to grate for laundry) Baking Soda Borax White Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar That is all you NEED! *Why Use Vinegar to clean? The answer is here... * ...more