People With Borderline Personality Trait that I Know

I happen to know many people, or those affiliated with folks I know, who have borderline personality traits.  I say traits rather than disorder because it is incredibly common, has many good points as well as negative, and is a manageble condition.  Let me list a few, names changed to protect privacy.Marvin Felt Abandoned...more

Life As A Headcase: I Can Feel The BPD Getting Ready to Blow

I figured I'd call this series "Life As a Head Case," not so much to say I am a wackjob (although, technically, I guess I am) but more or less to push past that and to acknowledge that I do have mental health issues, accept them and don't let it define me...even though it appears to. Reverse psychology maybe?Whatever.  It works for me....more

Bad Week for the BPD in Me - The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

It's pretty common knowledge on the internetzz that I have BPD or borderline personality disorder.  Check out wikipedia if you need more information.   Tragically, the name makes me sound a lot more wacked out than I really am.  And even though BPD is a serious and major mental health problem, it should be more accurately identified at Emotional Intensity Disorder, in my opinion....more

Borderline Personality Disorder In Teens : Is it really a Disorder?

What's in a Name?Various therapists and many books characterize the name Borderline Personality Disorder as a misnomer as the name stems from the thought that the condition was on the frontier between between psychotic and neurotic behavior.  It was officially recognized in 1980 in the U.S. by the name Borderline Personality Disorder.  There are many experts concluding that the name has a negative connotation and thus makes diagnosising and treating the condition problematic.Border Schmorder Who Cares?...more

Borderline Personality Disorder in Teens - the Symptons and Signs

The Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder...more

The End - Part Two

This blog post is being transferred into Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform and will be available as part of an e-book series.  Please visit my website to subscribe and I will let you know when the ebook series is available for free download.Continued... The End - Part Three: Me: Jo...more

Dealing with a child who has borderline personality disorder

My son has BPD which is borderline personality disorder. However, he doesn't believe he has this and gets terribly upset when I say he does, which is a sign of having BPD. I suppose if anyone accuses you of having a personality disorder though, anger and denial may be your first reaction. For almost 20 years I've been dealing with a person who has a myriad of emotions or non emotions which leave me a teensy bit insane. I wrote a blog a few years ago about raising teenagers and how it can equate to having or developing PTSD....more

Struggling for Air

I guess it's time for this post. I have dropped hints about my not-so-perfect relationship with my mother before, but I think I'm ready to get to the heart of it all. I'm honest, this is my third or fourth attempt of it, and it might not make it either, but it's something I just need to write about to get it off my chest, ...more

I need the ones that treat me like absolute crap

Tonight I have a date with my friend C we are going to see Sherlock Holmes 2 and getting some dinner.  I haven't been on a real date in forever.  Don't get me wrong me and Dex used to go on dates all the time but we were a couple so it didn't count -  I get to get dressed up (well I'm not really) I have no idea what the hell I am going to wear tonight i kinda want to wear a skirt I've been wanting to wear this outfit for a while and a date is the perfect opportunity to do it!...more

I've become a mommy finally

It's late and dark in here - gonna make it a short post.  I tried to quit smoking and went most of the say without a cigarette - from 4:30 am till about 3:30 pm - which is pretty damn awesome for me so please give me a round of applause! Fuck it I'm still tryin to quit though i can't fucking afford it! ...more
LOL - wow yeah that would have been nice - I am still smoking but the patch at least slows me ...more