U.S. Customs To Recognize Same-Sex Families At Borders

Breaking News: With very little heads-up, there has been a change in policy regarding the processing of same-sex families through United States customs, though I could find no official press release anywhere. Image: CBP Photography via Flickr ...more
Well, Hello!!   No, actually, this it a great step. This brings same-sex marriage more in the ...more

An end of an era, for me and Borders

After the news this week of the closing of Borders, I started to recognize how much time (and money!) I used to spend at Borders.  Appropriately, my friend was interviewed by the local news station about the closing of the retailer and how she felt. ...more

demise of the mega bookstore

Reading reports of a closing bookstore is a little like reading about the death of an acquaintance. It upsets, the upset driven by a stew that includes further evidence of our own mortality and reflection that maybe we weren’t quite the friend we should have been. When was the last time…?...more

I guess where it gets me is if someone is there for three hours, having a grand old time ...more

Borders Books and Music Declaring Bankruptcy Affects More than the Store

On Wednesday morning, Borders Group, the bookstore chain founded in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1971, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It claimed more than $1 billion in debt and announced they would close 30% of its more than 600 stores....more

Hopefully more libraries will be able to host authors. Maybe schools can see ways to do this as ...more

Bookstores and Blogging

Blogging about work, it's a contentious issue. Ever since the term "dooced" was created it's been a scary prospect. Could any of us be fired for blogging about work? Or only people who said negative things? But what if your blog is not purely about work but your work is related - like a bookseller, librarian or publishing house employee who blogs about books? I can see how their work could seep into their blog because I read such blogs daily. Some of my favourite book blogs are written by people who work in those industries. Where is that line in regards to blogging about work? ...more

Large companies in financial difficulty tend to be risk-averse. The chance that someone might ...more

Dumb and Dumber and DUMBEST

The following is a  conversation held in a Borders Bookstore in Hollywood, California.  CUSTOMER: (girl, late 20's):  Can you help me?  I'm looking for this book written by Oprah. ...more

I loved this!

You gave me my first chuckle of the day.  Thanks.


Book Bargains, Videos about Books, and More

This year we all are trying to find a way to get more and spend less. Sounds impossible, but if you check your favorite retailer's website often you can find some great bargains. ...more

Mrs. Micah has a great birthday!

Except for the long part where I worried (and I still do worry) about my little brother-in-law. ...more

Charts and resolutions with the end goal of right speech

Yesterday, I spent some time considering happiness/resultion charts (which I mentioned in this post) and what would be a resolution which I could achieve but which would also challenge me. I took a page from my Buddhist readings and decided to go with Right Speech. I think it's quite Christian as well, it's just the Christians didn't put such a nice, neat name and definition on it. ...more

On the celebration of birthdays...

Mr. Micah's an interesting fella when it comes to birthdays. Today was his. In our 5+ years together, I've learned that he prefers it not to be a big deal. Several reasons: First, he doesn't like to put people out of their way. Doesn't want them inconvenienced. Second, he's not really a party person. Maybe a few close friends, but he prefers being alone or with just me. Third, he doesn't like the obligation of having to be happy and excited about the celebration/presents. ...more