Ingenuity And Creativity Are Birthed In Boredom

Relax, bored kids never stay bored for longChildren thrive when they are given ample unscheduled play time. Free time to explore, use their imaginations to amuse themselves and even time to be bored because boredom is the birth place of creativity and ingenuity....more

I'm Snooping on My Neighbors! What's Wrong with Me?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I work at home and have developed a very strange problem: I can't stop spying on my neighbors. The houses in my neighborhood are all very close to each other, so I can see people in their backyards, front yards and sometimes I can even see into my next-door-neighbor's living room. It's not like I'm watching them do anything that exciting, really, but I still can't help myself. I'm even tempted to invest in a pair of binoculars. Why am I so snoopy?Sneaky Sue...more
There is nothing wrong with being curious and looking out the window to checkout the neighbors ...more


I consider myself to be generally content with my life. There’s a roof over my head. The kids are all healthy. I’m pretty much still breathing and the Hubby is doing well. We have enough to live on and pay the bills. Then why am I so blah?Before you say it, it’s not depression. I know what depression is and I’ve had enough people die in my life to recognize it and know what to do about it. It’s more of a malaise or my favorite word ennui....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Overwhelmed to the Point I Want Out

Dear Dr. Romance:I read some of the things you stated about marriage and why people divorce. I am feeling overwhelmed lately to the point I just want out. I have been married for over 17 years. We have 2 school-age children together. I am in school full time and work full time and still have a household to run. Can you please help me find a counselor? You are a blessing to all who reads and speak with you. Keep doing your daily work. God Bless.Dear Reader:...more

Are You Bored at Work?

Have you ever been bored out of your mind on the job?  If so you know it can be incredibly stressful. Even more so than a fast-paced, high demanding workplace.  So why does the stress of boredom get swept under the rug? You would think that in a time where jobs are scarce and the attitude “I’m just grateful to have a job, any job” is prevalent that boredom would be the least of our worries.  Yet, apparently, boredom is spreading. ...more
This is true... and it makes me really sad! Ideally, I think employers and employees should work ...more

The Sad Ballad of the FarmVille Thief

I know what it's like to feel stagnant. I don't know how it happens. It feels like we're moving up, like we're achieving something, but the grind is a high price to pay. Work, commitments, obligations and errands pile up and next thing you know, you're dying to get home so you can just throw on sweatpants, pop a Hot Pocket in the microwave and watch another season of something you've already seen a thousand times. It's easy. It's better than work and stress and the fact you're behind on your taxes or upside down on your mortgage. ...more
As always, brilliant writing and sage advice.more

Bored Kids Never Stay Bored For Long

  The Joy of Mothering I learned that children need down time.  They need time just to be and relax, even time to be bored because that is when creativity and ingenuity are born....more
thank-you, soul-sister, I will post pictures. Oh, Lucy is 17 and at home in grade 11, but find ...more

Backstory: The Hook Of Desperation

This event took place about a year ago. People have heard me tell this story in person, but I’ve never written it down, until now....more

Stay At Home Mom Feels Bored

I’m a SAHM and my kids are both in school. I used to keep busy with PTA and other activities with my other mom friends, but now most of them are going back to work because of the economy. I don’t want to get a job, but I’m starting to feel really lonely with everybody gone all day. What do you suggest?...more
Its easy to fall into a mundane routine and feel bored but there is a way around it. LifeProfit ...more

The Unreasonable Expectations of Motherhood

A few weeks ago, we had to sit the kids down and warn them in advance that this summer was going to suck.  There weren't going to be lots of fun camps and classes, there weren't going to be expensive leagues to join and things to do.  We'd be going to the pool and the library, the parks and the free events in town.  So much for the promises that we made them last year about how awesome this summer was going to be.  We're tapped out.  Spent a not-so-small fortune in all the trips we made back and forth across the country to see my father, then...more

My kids will do one camp this summer and the rest of the time we will be enjoying free time. I ...more