Devil’s workshop going out of Business…. Everything Inspired by Negativity Must go!!!

  After giving some thought about what I desire out of my everyday life, right now, present tense I realize it’s not so much what I want as what I don’t want. I don’t want so much idle time. Having more quality time with family friends and myself is what would make my tomorrow a better day.I am fortunate enough to have a job that provides an awesome work life balance. I get off at a reasonable time. I don’t work weekends or holidays....more

Road Trip

WARNING: Bored Domesticated Female on the Loose!

 Haven't been inspired to write this past week because frankly, I got a really, really bad case of Boreditis. Let me tell you something, there is NOTHING worse than a bored housewife, mom, 40-something woman who is on the verge of being pre-menopausal! You know when we moms get really bored, we do serious shopping. That can be a dangerous thing to the bank account. But since it's the first of the month and already, I am completely broke - that just isn't an option at the moment....more

I love this post.  No seriously...I LOVE THIS POST.  Oh that same to do list ...more

Daytime TV - Vampires -Surgery Recovery

I am bored.  I am tied to staying in bed as much as possible and doing NOTHING (yes all caps in my post operative instructions) for at least two weeks after surgery.  It has been a week and a day.  I can only nap and watch daytime TV so much. Don't get me wrong, I like that I can watch NCIS, Law and Order, Bones and movies during the day.  I have never  been a Soap Opera person.  My mother used to watch Days of Our Lives every day.  She never missed an opportunity to watch her stories.  My great-grandmother was the same.  But I was never hooked except for..... ...more

Told you I would be back soon.

Okay so I have lots of questions about this. One of them being can I change the way my blog looks color  wise ans also anyone who can explain how to put pictures with the blog because I'm not sure I fully understand how.  My sister is in my room, she's also making one of these, she likes to write so it makes sense. I love being online so I got one thatand I like writing sometimes too have to be in the mood tho like right now. ...more

When you ask about changing colors on your blog, do you mean here... on If that's ...more

Boredom Is Not Allowed

The word ‘bored' is one of the words that is not allowed to be said in my household, especially during the summer. Even when I was a kid, when my mother heard us complaining that we were bored, she gave us ‘that' look and we knew we better find something to do fast and enjoy doing it. As I'm looking at the calendar, I'm amazed at how quick this summer is coming to an end and thankfully, I haven't heard the word bored from my son at all this summer. ...more

We have seven children, and homeschool. I have found throughout the years, that boredom often ...more

Just Getting the Hang of This...


I promise I don't usually moan about my life this much! Hopefully all will go to plan and the ...more

How to make Mint Chili Tea (and why you should!)

If you are bored with your celestial seasoning favorites, and like food with a bit of a kick, you should totally try this super easy tea recipe. I thought of the recipe after tasting an amazing (and extremely expensive) german loose leaf tea called Kapha. This tea, with great bold flavors, was also very I created my own recipe for it.   1 Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea Bag (or any kind of mint based tea, really) A few shakes of hot pepper flakes ..Hot Water A wondrefully tacky mug  ...more

Of Boredom And Girlbands

I haven't really thought of something specific to write for today, in fact 10 minutes ago this blog didn't even exist(which speaks loudly of my 'habit' of doing the first thing that springs to my mind). Miss Melancholy's got her hands tight around my waist these days and I can't seem to keep track of my thoughts and actions. Everything's so bloody boring! School, friends, family - day after day after day! ...more