Born Wicked: On Being a Sister

How are you like your characters? readers will inevitably ask, and with Born Wicked my answers come easily: I'm not as selfless or brave as Cate. I've never climbed a tree, and I have a black thumb. But like Cate, I am a worrier who has to be pushed into adventures. Like her, I am an introvert. And like her, I am the oldest of three sisters. Let me be clear: my sisters are not Maura and Tess. But I did draw on our relationships to portray the Cahill sisters’ complicated, competitive love. ...more
I felt like the relationship between the sisters was at the forefront, even though the romantic ...more

Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood

In an alternate world where New England is overtaken by a strict and religious brotherhood, witches are being hunted down and killed, or at the very least, sent to the madhouse. Many innocent girls meet their doom as the Brothers search for the real threat to their rule.The real threat that is sitting just outside of town....more

Born Wicked: More Than Magic

Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked, the first in her The Cahill Witch Chronicles series, was not quite what I expected. I expected a novel about a young witch who was afraid of her powers. What I got what that and so much more. It reminded me a little bit of The Handmaid's Tale, a bit of The Scarlet Letter, and it's the first alternate history novel I've read in a long time that wasn't steampunk. It kept me flipping through the pages, torn between wanting to know what happened next and not wanting the story to end. ...more
Born Wicked sounds like a fascinating book about witch.  I will definitely get a copy.  Thanks ...more