Extraordinary Bosses as Explorers

“What if” is a great way to find the newest and best way to sell a product. “What if” is how the best and the brightest get things done in a unique way.Are you an explorer? Are you willing to stand at the edge of the cliff and find a way to get across that has never been done before?...more

The Grinches I work for.

All I want for Christmas is my job!! I almost got fired over the holidays! Five days before Christmas this frequent customer to the restaurant I work for asked me for all the names...more

Ponytail Alert

Ever feel like you’re living in a Dilbert cartoon?  I have....more

Some Conflicts Don’t Deserve the Direct Approach

In U.S. culture we place a high value on speaking directly when resolving conflicts. Compared to many other cultures across the globe we’re a “put all your cards on the table and let’s talk about this” kind of people. In a setting where each party is concerned about the other person’s needs, this conflict style is ideal. But let’s face it, in the business world that’s often not the case....more

Read. Review. Rewrite.

I had been working at Mason Public Relations for about 2 years when I fell in love with my boss. He was tall. He was strong. He was polite. He was French, which meant he was exotic. He had just the right amount of dark hair on his forearms. He was also married. ...more
You made me laugh this morning! I think you have enough creativity to revise a master plan ;)more

Nobody likes a Bully!

In today’s Reno Gazette Journal, there was an article titled “Bullies at work all too common.“ From cyber-bullies utilizing facebook and other social media to bullies at work, this seems to be a common topic lately....more

I could wake up Monday morning if...

up Monday morning if ... ...I saw George Michael laying right beside me, singing in his sleep: Wake Me Up Before You Go..."    ...more

Avoiding Snark Attacks

Have you recently been the victim of a sexist remark? ...more

Isn't It Time We Set Aside The Childish Notion That Women In The Workplace Can't Get Along?

Just as you can count on the return of the crocus each spring to cheer you up and remind you that the harsh winter weather is leaving, you can also count on a perennial workplace debate, "Why women in the workplace can't get along " to promote stereotypes that can be career debilitating. ...more

Hi Elanna - Yes it will be interesting to see how the workplace dynamic will change with GenY ...more

Are You the Boss from Hell?

Here’s the thing about being self-employed—you are your own boss. Yes, you answer to your clients, customers, publisher, or readers as far as deadlines and product output are concerned, but ultimately as chief bottlewasher you’re in charge. So, what kind of boss are you to work for? Do you motivate with criticism and sarcasm? Are you supportive or snide? It is definitely an issue to be aware of because if you’re self-employed you have an opportunity to be the kind of boss you've always wished for. ...more