Don't be that girl. Just don't.

  Do those people who argue about nature vs nurture have any children? If they did maybe they would stop debating this issue because the answer is CLEARLY both....more

Bossy, Bitch, C*nt, Oh My! A Look at Women’s Wars on Words

Women's war of words has been brewing for decades. The recent bossy debate really brings attention to how the sticks and stones might not be the only thing hurting women....more

He's the Boss Around Here

I cannot be the only one....who is a Mama to a child that believes they are the boss in your house. Giving directions in place of taking directions has become a normal Sonny Boy'ism, whether it be when the dog needs to be walked or what I will serve for dinner, his two cents are thrown around freely. Sonny Boy's bossiness is especially in full swing when he's playing, or rather supervising, with me or his dad. ...more


I grew up with a bossy father. He's now almost 87, and I'm 54. He's still bossing me.  Dad was a corporal in the Marine Corps during WW II, but when his five children were still living at home, we called him the General behind his back. We were his little troops. He ran us ragged, we thought.  ...more
you're the least bossy person i've ever met. and your dad's a teddy bear :) a bossy teddy bearmore

14 Reasons to Read (& Love) Motherly Law

The List Why 14? It's my favorite number. Well, actually, I just made that up....more

Jacquie's coming out party (aka Bossy's (no) road trip San Diego Meet-Up)

Ever since we got the party started here at Me, You, and Ellie, I’ve been somewhat selective about who I target with shameless self-promotion..Well, that’s not true..I am not at all reserved about my self-promotion (thus the shameless bit), but there are many people in my life who do not know about the blog. I guess I have an aversion to the inevitable clash between work peeps and internet peeps....more

The $100 Question: Do You Splurge in Spring? Tell Bossy for a Chance to Win!

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: I Am Bossy is a humorous pop culture blog, featuring one-stop shopping in topics that range from product tutorials to celebrity gossip. ...more

We are going on a mini vacation this summer. I think it is important to take time for ...more

A Valentine Love Letter to Bossy's Mom

First Bossy has to admit she’s never been much for holidays she believes were invented by a greeting card company. Except for the fact that it’s a chocolate-eating opportunity, Valentine’s Day never amounted to much around the Bossy house. Except for one year when Bossy was ten....more

Let me repeat: LOVELY. And perfect.


Moving brings out the (fill in the blank) in me.

   A person can learn a lot about herself by the way she handles moving.  Over these past few days of removing my belongings from one place and depositing them in another, several of the traits I like least about myself came marching along like those famous dwarfs carrying their going-to-work-tools.  ...more

Blogger Bossy takes an Excellent Road Trip

It's only been a couple weeks since Blogger Bossy waved goodbye to her husband, kids, and an enormous breed of canine she calls her "lap pony," and embarked upon a stunt titled "Bossy's Excellent Road Trip." ( ...more