How to help a bossy child make friends:

MY 10-YEAR OLD SON IS AN ONLY CHILD AND VERY BOSSY. WHAT CAN I DO?photocreditDR. RUTHERFORD: It's not uncommon to see only children or first-born children be bossy towards other children. Perhaps this is because the parents expect more from the child and often treat him as if he were older than he actually is....more

How Do You Deal With Bossy Kids?

Although I was quite bossy as a child, my daughter doesn't seem to be. She will complain and sometimes cry when one of her friends won't let her have her way, but she usually goes along with the crowd, rolls with the punches, or just walks away. I often hold my tongue to avoid inserting myself where I probably don't need to be inserted. ...more

I'll admit my daughter is bossy, very bossy. She's very kind though and often goes up to kids ...more