My First Time...As A College Football Fan

Feeling a little retro today, thinking about being a fan when I was a kid.For all the parents (and future parents) out there looking forward to taking their kids to their first football game, here is some sound advice and a hilarious account of one writer's trip to the Columbia-Harvard game with his four-year-old daughter....more

Mary Daly, One of Our Feminist Foremothers, Has Died

Mary Daly is an important feminist foremother whether or not you knew of her, agreed with her, or read her books. Her work was like a powerful intellectual and spiritual snow-plow, taking the risks to clear the roads for others to travel. There are radical pioneers who risk everything the world will say about them or do to them in order to truly inhabit what they believe. They walk what they talk, even when the talking alone is an act of courage. Mary Daly was that kind of pioneer. She lived her truth. ...more

You are so right -- flawed does not mean without deep value! Mary Daly was a real ...more