All the Feels for the Boston Marathon

 Hello!Happy day to you.I flew out of bed today at 6 am, made some coffee, and got ready for an exciting morning....more

Dear Colleagues, Clients, Friends, Family, Media and all others

This week (April 15) marks one year since the rampage in Boston.This Monday April 21st I am running my 3rd Boston Marathon with 38,000 other people and I'm doing it in the spirit of Gratitude and Grace for Boston Childrens Hospital charity....more

Despite My Fear, I'll Be Cheering at the Boston Marathon Finish Line

Editor's Note, 4/16/14: One suspect is in custody after two backpacks left near this year's finish line yesterday were detonated safely. This post was written before those events were reported. The marathon is on Monday. We're having the anniversary of last year’s bombing and subsequent days of confusion and unknowing and “shelter-in-place." The rehashing of all of it has been going on for weeks. I don’t know what TV and local newspapers are doing. I do know that our local NPR station, WBUR, has had nonstop talk of it, at least in the mornings. I know there are art projects and documentaries and Sports Illustrated did a photo shoot at the finish line last Saturday....more
I try not to live in fear as it is not of God.  Terrorists will not win - they will not scare us ...more

Boston Strong, Boston Happenings

As we head into the final week leading up to the historic 118th running of the Boston Marathon, I have been receiving many emails and inquiries regarding shirts wit...more

Why I Will Run the 2014 Boston Marathon

I wrote a piece for Yahoo! Voices on my experience and reflections on the Boston Marathon. I will be one to finish the race. Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

A Sort Of Love Letter To Boston, Who Sent Help When My Family Needed It

Dear Boston,I’ve never visited you.I know that that’s a strange way to begin, and of course I don’t mean it as a slight against you. I’m just stating a fact: I’ve never visited you.I’ve always wanted to, though, and that must count for something, right? I’ve heard great things about you. A bunch of people whose opinions I really respect have highly recommended you. I’ve planned a fantasy vacation (which my husband has nicknamed The Dead Author Tour of New England) that involves you....more

Why I Don’t Mind the Media Focus on the Bombers

I’ve been seeing a lot of these memes on facebook and twitter about how we need to ignore the bombers and focus on the heroes.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that.  It is not that I disagree, but I don’t quite agree, either.  And then a friend wrote this post about the issue, and I like what she said.  But, her thoughts were different from my thoughts, and I’ve...more

Regaining our balance in the wake of the Boston Marathon

Like many people, I imagine, I left for work on Wednesday morning with a heavy heart and a sick belly.  My commute was an uneventful one, unless you count an MBTA bus driver so lively and eccentric her passengers were wondering aloud whether or not she'd forgotten to take her meds.  I have to say, I was relieved for the distraction. ...more

On Your Purpose in Life and the Boston Marathon Story

Do me a favor. Right now. Put your hand on your heart.Do you feel that? It's purpose.You are here for a purpose.This isn't always easy to believe. It's not always easy to see. In fact, in your darkest moments, when you have been pushed to your limits,  it is easy to be convinced that the world would be better off without you. That it would be easier to to check out in any multitude of ways, be it drugs, alcohol, getting lost in another addiction, self-sabotaging or even taking your own life....more

For Boston: The Healing Power of Food

“My wonderful breakfast!” These three words -- a caption that accompanied a photo of the fruit salad Lu Lingzi enjoyed Monday morning -- remain a simple but powerful reminder of a tie that binds. In times of great joy and those of enormous sadness, across lines of geography, race, and religion. It is no mistake that churches emphasize the breaking of bread, that business meetings are held over lunch, that celebrations almost always include a meal. We all have to eat, and, to an enormous extent, we all enjoy and seek solace in it. At its most basic it is an act of survival, at its epitome a sacred ritual. No where is this more clear than in Boston....more