Why I Will Run the 2014 Boston Marathon

I wrote a piece for Yahoo! Voices on my experience and reflections on the Boston Marathon. I will be one to finish the race. http://voices.yahoo.com/10-reasons-why-ill-running-boston-marathon-12108209.html Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

Boston Marathon 2013: Lynn Strong . . .Boston Strong #BostonStrong

I am crying as I write this. My emotions are so raw these days. I am going to share pieces of my Boston Marathon experience as the weeks go by. It is hard to share it all at once.This evening I learned that my friend Lynn who started the race with me drove down to pick up her Boston Marathon Medal today. Today was the day they would reopen Boylston Street to the Public. Today was the day that Lynn would run to finish the marathon, the day that she would run for the 170 victims at the finish line....more
*sniff* I was not prepared for that ending. *sniff* Thanks for posting this. Yay, Lynn!more

My three days that followed the Boston Marathon

Not surprisingly, I was more affected by the Boston bombing than I initially thought....more

My 3 days following the Boston Marathon

Not surprisingly, I was more affected by the Boston bombing than I initially thought. ...more

For Boston: The Healing Power of Food

“My wonderful breakfast!” These three words -- a caption that accompanied a photo of the fruit salad Lu Lingzi enjoyed Monday morning -- remain a simple but powerful reminder of a tie that binds. In times of great joy and those of enormous sadness, across lines of geography, race, and religion. It is no mistake that churches emphasize the breaking of bread, that business meetings are held over lunch, that celebrations almost always include a meal. We all have to eat, and, to an enormous extent, we all enjoy and seek solace in it. At its most basic it is an act of survival, at its epitome a sacred ritual. No where is this more clear than in Boston....more

Look for the helpers.

Like many others, I have been struggling to come to grips with what happened on Monday in Boston. And as I have felt so many times over the past months and years, with every senseless, human-inflicted tragedy that has happened on American soil, I once again began to lose faith in humanity. And then I started watching the news coverage of when the first explosion happened....more

Why I Am Embarrassed By My Own Generation

In the light of the horrible event that was the Boston Marathon bombings I must first say that my prayers and deepest sympathies go out to all those affected. And for the rest of us, I say, we must not jump to conclusions. We must not blame specific races, countries or religious groups. We must take it for what it is. But we also must use our own brains and not be afraid to live our lives. ...more