Being a Mother Made Me Resilient

News had started coming in of the tragedy in Boston on Monday afternoon as I was getting ready to pick up my boys from school. We just moved to our home last week, and it was their first day in their new classrooms in a new city. My heart had been in my throat all day as I wondered if they were making friends and learning the routine. And then this. This heartbreaking, senseless tragedy that seemingly came out of nowhere -- again. ...more

The exquisite pain of Boston and Sandy Hook

I needed to get away from the news yesterday. There were some potentially ugly clouds around here, but they looked like they were all talk so I went for a run. Just as I was rounding the last bend on a loop through a pretty, foresty sorta place I like to go, it started to rain.And then I remembered another time that it had started raining on a sunny day when I was running in that exact same spot: Right after Sandy Hook....more

Boston Tragedy: Look for the Helpers

You know those days when something happens that threatens your faith in humanity? Finding out someone planted bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon makes today one of those days. The news comes in waves, though, ya know? And the first wave or two is the most horrific. Those are the waves where you find out about the damage, the injury, the lives lost ... when the horror of it all settles in....more
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Heroes and helpers in the Boston Marathon bombings

Just like after the Newtown shootings, yesterday's tragic attacks at the Boston Marathon left me wanting to immediately pick up my kids from school. But I didn't.Instead, I read the accounts of the people who were there when the bombs went off and "looked for the helpers" as Mr. Roger's mom had taught him to do in the face of tragedy.There were many helpers yesterday, but perhaps none as touching to me as the man who lost his son in Iraq and his other son to suicide after his brother was killed....more

10 Concrete Ways To Help Boston

I was sipping an overpriced Americano in a small, aggressively hip coffee shop Monday when the news broke about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I’d only meant to sit down for a few minutes, but ended spending over two hours there nursing my cold coffee and obsessively refreshing my Twitter feed....more
@ShelbytheStrickster I'm glad they helped. I figured there would be other people out there like ...more

Nowhere to run

A friend texted me yesterday afternoon: Did you hear about the explosions in Boston?For someone who has run distance races in the distant past (not a marathon … yet), I'm ashamed to say I'd forgotten yesterday was the Boston Marathon....more

Thoughts on Coming Home to Boston

On Thursday afternoon I popped outside for my lunch break and walked around Copley, like I always do. Only that day, the excitement in the air over the upcoming marathon was palpable. Workers were busy erecting bleacher seating and the medical tent in front of the BPL, and I noticed that many of the storefronts had marathon themes. And honestly, there was just something so beautiful about it all; it sort of touched me. I felt a little silly, but I started snapping pictures up and down Boylston Street....more
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Boston Marathon – Running for Your Life!

Boston Marathon – Running for Your Life!Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims.  An end must be put to this.  As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror.  ~Vladimir Putin...more

To Fear or not to Fear...

So yesterday one of my co-workers, Dave, stuck his head in my studio, "They think maybe a couple of bombs went off at the Boston Marathon...It's all over the news channels.  Or maybe it was something else..."   ...more
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Dear Boston Marathon Supporters (a letter to you from the mother within me)

If the Boston Marathon means anything to you at all, I am writing this for you. Even if you only watched the race from your smart phone, computer, tablet, or television, please read this note. Even if you will never qualify for Boston, or don't even know what I mean when I say "qualify" this is for you. If you were there, whether miles away or right there at the finish line, this is especially for you. Dear Boston Marathon Supporters, ...more