BOSTON: Fierce, Loyal, Proud: STRONG

Boston Strong....more

Worst Halloween Costume/Let's Stay Boston Strong

Last night a girl tweeted a picture of herself dressed for Halloween as a Boston Bombing victim. First let me say, I'm from Boston, and to the people here that is as bad as dressing as a 9/11 victim. It's something beyond the realm of tasteless, and it was, to put it bluntly, stupid and cruel....more

Boston Marathon 2013: Lynn Strong . . .Boston Strong #BostonStrong

I am crying as I write this. My emotions are so raw these days. I am going to share pieces of my Boston Marathon experience as the weeks go by. It is hard to share it all at once.This evening I learned that my friend Lynn who started the race with me drove down to pick up her Boston Marathon Medal today. Today was the day they would reopen Boylston Street to the Public. Today was the day that Lynn would run to finish the marathon, the day that she would run for the 170 victims at the finish line....more
*sniff* I was not prepared for that ending. *sniff* Thanks for posting this. Yay, Lynn!more