Look Younger And Feel Better With Botox Leeds Injections

For years, Botox has been regarded as the proverbial fountain of youth by celebrities and average women alike. Not only are Botox Leeds injections responsible for creating a more youthful visage, but also helping alleviate the serious effects of chronic migraines and stopping excessive sweating in its tracks. Though the actual side effects of Botox are considered to be debatable, the injections have rarely caused patients anything more than minor discomfort....more

Pick Your Poisen

I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and my dentist offered me Botox.During the 15 minute battle to determine my dental insurance number I pointed to the laminated sign advertising smooth skinning poison and asked the woman behind the desk what she thought of the Botox. “It’s great, people say they have to wait four weeks at their dermatologist, but WE can often get them in the next day. White teeth and smooth skin makes any lady happy!”Convenient....more


If you've had plastic surgery, this stuff is second nature. So please move on to that blog about 'best cranberry muffin recipes' or '7 Signs that Little Johnnie and Little Marcia will grow up to be psychokillers.' For the unbaptized, that would be most of you, contrary to what the Conventional Wisdom would have you swallow, when you have plastic surgery, you have almost nothing in common with a Barbie Doll.  Almost nothing....more

Nip, Tuck, & Tweak

We are all getting older.  Every day that goes by....more

Plastic Surgery: Would You?

Plastic surgery is prevalent in our society today like never before.  When I was a teen and younger adult, it was barely even heard of and certainly not talked about.  Nobody got nose jobs in our small town and I'm not sure anyone knew boob jobs existed yet.  No one whitened their teeth or knew how.  We loved our big 80s hair, for sure, and fashion was a big thing as was makeup, but that was somewhat the extent of it as far as beauty products and treatments were concerned....more

A Wrinkle of a Debate: Botox

Recently, my sister and I were comparing facial expressions in the mirror. She has had a few botox treatments. Typically, whenever the two of us are out with new friends someone usually always asks, "So, which of you is the younger sister?" and I was always proud? vain?...more

Yes, that is me quoted on CNN today ABOUT BOTOX!

I am quoted by Shanon Cook from CNN today!Check it out!Does Botox affect the ability to parent?By Shanon Cook, CNNSee, I don't have to master the comma.  I can just be "quoted" and no more sweating over punctuation....more
@All That Makes You You are welcome! And you, Amiga, keep being you.   :)more

I Confess: I've Had Botox... And I Love It!

What is the difference between being in your 30's and and your 20's?  One big thing my dear: crow’s feet!   ...more