When Your Budget Doesn't Allow For Botox

When I think of things that I might have to give up as the economic slowdown affects my personal budget, botox is not one of them. I had planned to do a serious piece on the economy today. Serious times demand serious posts. ...more

First of all the food pantries are having a hard time; more and more people are using them to ...more

How to Look Ten Years Younger in Ten Days?

How To Look Ten Years Younger In Ten Days? ...more

What's a Medi-Spa?

What’s a Medi-Spa? ...more

Age Gracefully (with a little help) or fight it tooth and nail and look like you belong in a wax museum?!

I saw Priscilla Presley on television last night, promoting a new line of plastic dolls made to look like her. Hmmm, how very appropriate. As my husband sat next to me watching her, I realized, I’ve been desensitized I guess to her freakish appearance after watching her compete week after week on Dancing With the Stars.   ...more

Love your title - it made me smile.

I think a life well lived reflects in someone's ...more

Bi Partisan Beauty

As I watched the Democratic National Convention, I was struck by just how phenomenal Hillary Clinton looks--and specifically her skin. Sure, I was moved by and impressed with her eloquent speech, but I'll admit I was also slightly mesmerized by her luminous, glowing skin. The accomplished 58 year old stood proudly onstage looking confident and radient, her face as bright and fresh as her pretty orange pantsuit, set against the cobalt blue backdrop of the convention stage. ...more

No Frowning Around

No Frowning Around I have some strong opinions about Botox. While it is considered the most significant advancement in cosmetic care in the last twenty years, I'm not sure that the residual effects this has had in our society are entirely positive. ...more

Bridesmaids and Olympic Athletes: Living in a Skin-Deep World

Debbie and I blogged this on Body Impolitic and thought after some of the conversations at BogHer 2008 that people might find it interesting: The New York Times is discussing a new trend in bridesmaid gifts: for bridesmaids as young-looking and beautiful as your dreams, you, the lovely blushing bride, can easily provide everything from tit jobs to Botox: ...more

Is Botox Really Safe?

According to a new scientific study from Europe,the anti-wrinkle treatment of Botox may migrate from the skin to your brain… With so many women all over the world using Botox on regular basis, I think we should all be aware of the potential consequences. Are we really willing to take a chance with side effects directly to our brain and the nerves? What do you think? ...more

I've thought of botox. I never read this report until now. I will need to stick with a more ...more

Priscilla Presley’s Face Injected With Industrial-Grade Silicone: What So Easily Happens When a Medical Procedure Becomes Trendy

From Pam Noonan-Saraceni “My friends have done it and rave about it.” “My friends look great, and it looks so easy.” “Everyone is doing it, so it MUST BE SAFE.” “I’m going to get it done too...” This is the thinking process for so many people when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It leaves a lot of room for terrible things to happen. Case in point is Priscilla Presley, who ended up with with industrial-grade silicone in her face. ...more