How to store Water for long term Survival

Here’s what everyone should know about how to efficiently store water to be prepared for a catastrophe.Ever thought about the possibility that your water service could cease in the event of some kind of catastrophe? Would you have enough for your children to drink for a week? If you live in the Southwest, what if your city ran out of water?...more

5 Reasons Why I Drink Tap Water

I know I talk a lot about food.  It is a particular passion of mine.  But today I’d like to talk about water....more

Tap Water: Cheap, Environmentally Sound, and Now Trendy?

[image via Pur]...more

How to Keep Drinking Water Safe for You and Your Family (Bottled Water is Not the Answer)

How to Keep Drinking Water Safe for You and Your Family (Bottled Water is Not the Answer) Being able to get clean, safe drinking water straight from the tap is a right we're all entitled to....more

one of the you cities listed as having hexavalent chromium in the water. Sounds like I need to ...more

Summer Refreshers: Cool for You & the Planet

As some of us enter the "dog days of summer," we'll be reaching more often for a cold beverage.  But what if our cool drink of choice is actually contributing to global warming?  How many of us stop to consider the energy emissions created by extracting, bottling, and shipping all of our refreshing sodas, teas and waters? And what about the plastic bottle waste generated after that beverage is consumed?  According to the Container Recycling Institute, only 23.5% of plastic beverage containers in the U.S. are actually recycled each year.  But if we give up bottled beverages, what can we drink instead? ...more

we buy bottled water because out tap water is kinda not safe for drinking but we use a reusable ...more

A Greener BlogHer '09: Did you notice the eco-changes?

Did you notice that Blogher '09 was greener than ever this year? The Green Team put in a lot of work to ecofy the conference, despite the constraints of the event being in a huge hotel (the Sheraton's actually a part of the Chicago Green Hotels Initiative (PDF), though if the hotel's seriously interested in going green, the Green Team could make a lot of helpful suggestions!). ...more


BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Toting your own to-go mug or reusable water bottle isn't just an eco-altruistic act. You can reap many more selfish benefits by becoming a reusenik: 1. Extra money. Whether it's a nearby Starbucks or an indie coffee shop, many coffee shops offer you between a nickel and a quarter off your drink for BYOing. ...more

Re: BYO mug: Ditch the disposable cup and bottle habit

Bringing our own mug or ...more

Banish The Bottle, Baby

So, remember the other week when I was all about the bottled water versus the filtered water and the tap water and was all like, oh hai, you can not has bottles, kthx? Well, let's take that a step further! Let's talk about some easy-peasy ways to wean yourself and your family off the (water) bottle. ...more

At work, I am an eviro-rebel -- I drink water from an orphan water glass I brought from ...more

Unbottle the fun: Throw a plastic bottle-free party

To help BlogHer members ditch the disposable water bottle habit, I signed up to write this post about de-bottling parties. But now, I'm wondering -- Do people drink water at parties? Honestly, people don't drink much water at my parties, bottled or not. Why drink water when you can drink organic wine? For me, the eco-issue has been more about avoiding plastic cups at bigger parties, when I don't have enough glasses for everyone. Luckily, that plastic cup issue's one that applies to parties where people might drink more water! ...more