Upcycled Drift Wood Bottles

Hello friends.....more

The Easiest Way to Pay Tribute to Earth Day - Reusable Water Bottles

It seems that we have a thing for water… I know that we’re sounding like a broken record, with all our water talk  (Tapped the Movie, causes and editorial reviews), and reviews of reusable water bottles (...more

Feeding babies for the Win

I had the honor of guest blogging for Fearless Formula Feeder today about my decision to formula feed.  It was a tough decision, never once made easier by societal pressures, but I'm glad I did it, and I hope my story can help others who feel down on themselves. __ It’s 3 p.m.  My month-old twins are crying, but they are so tiny - their lungs so weak - that their little cries sound like a few quiet ducks quacking in the distance.  They are hungry, of course.  They are always hungry.  Fo...more

Five Surprising Things That You Can Transform With Paint

If you are a decorating blog junkie, an HGTV junkie or even just a... junk junkie, you know that paint is an affordable way to transform even the humblest rooms, furnishings and accessories. Maybe you've painted your walls, furniture or a picture frame or two. Even if you're a seasoned painter with a closet full of paint-splattered clothes and a spray-paint-trigger-finger-injury to prove it, here are five things that you may not have thought about painting: ...more
I just love watching and reading about DIYs and paint is one of my favorite things, it will ...more

To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed: That is the Question

I Hated Breastfeeding. There I said it. Go ahead and judge me, critique me, criticize me. It won’t be anything I haven’t already berated myself about – over and over again for almost 8 years. ...more

Innovative Ways to Gift Wrap Jewellery

  Who doesn't love receiving jewellery as a gift? However, if you are the giver and not receiver, I have some suggestions for gift wrapping jewellery that are fun and quite unique, and will certainly put smiles on every one's face. ...more

Did We Need to Throw Out the Plastic Baby Bottles: Who Should We Trust?

We've all heard about bad plastic.  Some of us have thrown out the baby bottles and sippy cups with bisphenol a or BPA, the suspected toxin.  But is it that dangerous?  It's hard to know.  Just this week we've received two very different verdicts... ...more

Having a Baby Turned Me Into a Hippie

I used to be a regular person who drank Diet Coke, tossed plastic bottles in the regular trash can and didn't really get the whole "organic thing".  ...more

PLASTIC PERIL: Your Baby Could Have A Drinking Problem

There is never too much for a new mom to worry about. My mom assures me that the worrying will never end. “The older they get the more you fret,” she says, “because they’ll no longer rely on your choices to keep them safe”. So becoming a mother is simultaneously a euphoric and alarming experience. One great source of anxiety for me is that everyday there are new child product recalls. I wasn’t prepared for the long list of recalls when I first visited the Consumer Product Safety Commission website www.cpsc.gov. ...more