Extending the boundaries of play

My son is looking at me incredulously. "All the way to the edges? Are you sure?" Yup, I'm sure....more

FOMO, Decision Making, and the Human Condition

“John Gardner, in his novel Grendel, tells of a wise man who sums up his meditations on life’s mysteries in two simple but terrible postulates: “Things fade: alternatives exclude.” […] Decision invariably involves renunciation: for every yes there must be a no, each decision eliminating or killing other options.”— Irvin Yalom, 1991 (Love's Executioner) ...more

Love Letter 2

To the One, who got away...more

Tell Your Story With BlogHer's April Writing Lab

So what is the BlogHer Writing Lab theme this month? ...more

You Don't Owe Anyone An Interaction

Have you ever beat yourself up over not responding to every message you received in a day? Me too. I know how it goes. On one hand, you're tired and overwhelmed. But on the other hand, there are emails! Texts! Calls! All demanding a response!...more
I get this advice a lot when I receive messages on social media from men -- unless they're ...more

The Power of Touch #NaBloPoMo

Touch is powerful. Not everyone is comfortable with being touched. When performing Reiki, unless the person wishes otherwise, I prefer to hold my hands slightly above the person’s body instead of making contact. I like the feeling of Reiki moving out through my hands. It feels different when I lay my hands on someone. I feel less vibration, but the heat is still present....more

What are your boundaries?

Wikipedia Definition Setting Boundaries:...more

Do You Respect Your Kid's Boundaries?

While at the bus stop this morning, the topic of Halloween costumes came up. My son, only child, was going on about his al black morph suit that will allow him to be a shadow. His friend, only boy, oldest of three though a fourth will be here momentarily, pouted that he wanted a morph suit. His mother has been trying to convince him to wear a Turtles costume from last year and suggested they may find one at the thrift. Recalling my son had a skeleton morph costume not is use, I said perhaps he could wear it if it was okay with my son....more

3 Tips For Setting Boundaries

Boundaries can, and should be set with those in our lives who feel they have a right to disrupt our happiness. These people can include close friends, co-workers, and family members. Boundaries are a tool to be utilized to promote self care, and putting ourselves before others. Although that may seem selfish, it’s very difficult for some of us to be fully present with the people around us if we’re unhappy. Sometimes in order to do that, we need to tackle the uncomfortable task of setting boundaries with those who we love dearly, but have a tendency to bring us down....more