How to Make a Compliment Bouquet

I am a girl who loves getting flowers. I know, I know. They die eventually. But for me, the surprise of a fresh bouquet never gets old and is always appreciated. My boyfriend, Shelton, is great at surprising me when I least expect it....more

Do It Yourself Guide: How to Make Your Own Brooch Bouquet

The very day that I met with our florist to discuss the beautiful sunflower bouquet I would carry down the aisle, I saw a picture of a vintage brooch bouquet and fell in love.  I convinced myself that it would be too much work, that I'd never be able to get enough brooches, and that I couldn't renege on the bouquet I'd just picked out.  Luckily, my mom convinced me otherwise and I got to carry this gorgeous bouquet down the aisle, complete with gifts and heirlooms from my closest family and friends. ...more

Take it Outside – Make a Bouquet


Tussie Mussie or Posy

 I've added pictures.A tussie mussie is a small bouquet of flowers. In the 1800's women carried these small posies to ward off odors from the streets. There were no sanitary conditions, nor any care to personal hygiene. Today they are given for pure joy and love....more

Paintings of sunflowers and Home is where the heart is

As i told you at the beginning of the week, i am deeply immerse into my art production. If you remember, i began painting an art piece called Home is where the heart is. I finished it today. ...more

Flowers for winter blues

I cannot even try to explain how much i love flowers, i think it is an understatement. Just looking at my paintings you will pretty much notice that. All year round, i always have 2-3 bouquets of fresh flowers in the house. When we think about it, a flower is a living miracle; the flower just live for her beauty, she doesn't ask anything else but to bring her magnificence into the world. She is certainly the most beautiful gift that represent the present moment, the now, that God has gave us. Enjoy. ...more

Forget The Bouquet, Single Ladies Need to Catch a Break

Teresa Tam Photography, http://www.TeresaTamStudio.comAs a frequent single at weddings, catching the bouquet symbolized more than just being next up to the altar. It represented being on a team perceived as less favorable – the singles team. Identifying oneself as such to a wedding crowd is not always fun. It’s like announcing that your batting average in relationships is so low that you’ve resorted to catching a bunch of flowers for good luck in love. It’s no wonder the bouquet toss has fallen out of favor....more

Painting the Garden

Rhonda Fleming Hayes   ...more